The Mumbai Local tales

We were a group of girls travelling by the local train in Bombay one day with a minimum denomination of Rs.1000/- in our wallets. Some weird day when even the inside pockets of our bags did not have that rare forgotten one and two rupee coins : P πŸ˜› The ATM at the station we went to withdraw money at that hour only had 1000 rupee notes.

As is the practice, we got into the ladies compartment as all of us were girls. Plus the advantage is, it is in the ladies compartment that these hawkers selling trinkets turn up, earrings, rings, hair clips, bangles, chains.. and such. The three of us are big fans of earrings and rings, and make it a point to buy from the trains every time.

On another occasion, we were going to catch a film at the Film Festival that afternoon, a hawker came by with some bangles. All of us in the group bought a pair each and wore them to the show. Some of our actions are so spontaneous, that we just don’t think twice as such. Many of us would have walked out of shoe and dress shops in the new shoe and dress we just paid for. The joy of wearing something new, right there.. bliss!

So that day, as we sat in the train, the hawkers started to come by.. they just thrust their boxes of earring on any traveler or keep it beside on an empty seat. We went through the lot, chose a few and finally when it was time to pay, we showed her the 1000 rupee note..She did not have change, she did not shout at us and we did not want to buy the entire lot she was showing us as well. We let go!

It is ridiculous to wave a 1000 rupee note for what ever reason for a 10 rupees earring! Of course, we were stared at, given ugly looks by more than a few… Thank god we did not get smacked across the face for the act! Β Money-wise, the three of us were very rich that day, carrying 1000 rupee notes is not a mean matter, but earring wise poor, as for the entire journey the three of us could not buy anything. Sounds a lot like the MasterCard tagline.. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

Therefore, the first thing we did once at our station is to get some change!! Relief flooded when we saw some notes of 100s and 10s, a few coins.. we were deprived of such lovely little trinkets.. because we did not have these notes of Gandhi!

For all the no-buying in the onward journey, we all bought lot of jewelry on our way back.. πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚


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6 thoughts on “The Mumbai Local tales”

  1. I know it’s too late a comment. I would have said something like Bikramjit, but I knew you’d have bought something on the way back…

    My point concerns your foolishness in waving those Rs. 1000 notes in a Mumbai local train! Even if it was a ladies compartment, you do realize the dangers in flashing cash of such amounts, don’t you?

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