The blog trail…

I met this boy in a chatroom and soon enough we became good acquaintances.. and now it has been over 10 years and we can comfortably call ourselves close friends. In all this while I think we have met like 3 or 4 times. We almost thought we would meet only after every ten years because that was how it seemed to be. We met initially and then we met 10 years later. By the 10th year we had graduated from burgers to dinners , students to professionals 😀 😛

So why am I discussing this man today, because one day ten or so years ago he sent me a link to his online page where he had his jottings and asked me to read. I did and commented in the space provided as well. At that moment I had no clue what this platform was.

It was his blog. I think that was the moment I came to know about blogs, blogging and subsequently start one on my own.. it has been a long time here on this platform starting from that post I read on his page. There have been many more such friends, blogs, blog comments, discussions. The best part is, there is always friend I’ve met via blogging in every city, these days so visiting a new city is something I look forward to, to walk into their homes, and feel at home even if that is the first time ever we have met in person outside the blogs and/or chats

The said boy has almost stopped writing… but he has taken resolutions this year to look lovingly towards his blog more often.

Why this post out of the blue… because a few days ago over a conversation on our fav platform FB, I got to know where this blog trail started… his friends, him, me.. my friends ….

To quirky, insightful posts and comments from all of us.. a toast.


words meeting people,

people meeting people,

people meeting words..

and the journey continues…



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24 thoughts on “The blog trail…”

  1. “Like” button, Achu… I would have silently hit that, and left… now I have to comment!

    So sweet that you restrained yourself from reblogging this (from when? 2013-14?) till today… seems like another friend of mine – the “Unkown” guy – is the only other of my friends who started blogging through me, and stuck with it. Let’s hope I stick on this time too…


    1. This one post is all new from scratch, fellow. Restrained, yes. Had to pull a surprise for today 🙂 Unknown stops by once in a while, he was active during the first comment medal sessions here.
      Have an awesome time, Happy Birthday fellow 🙂

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      1. Spent more than half my day travelling to Pune and/or prepping for that!! After reaching there, it was work. Finally, after reaching my friend’s place at the end of the day, did I have some time relax and have fun! 😐

        But, oh well, overall Pune trip was good fun… and then, there was a Hyd trip over the weekend – which was worth the wait. Just got back. So, good overall.

        But, as I said before, “Like” button… quite a few lazy bums out there like me.

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          1. Oh, reading your posts and pulling your leg – that I will do, when there is enough context. But the amount you write (I suppose it is this Blogathon), makes me lag behind on reading those posts as well 😀

            The reason I insisted on the Like button for this post was because I couldn’t pull your leg after the nice things you wrote about me personally, could I? 😛

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            1. Watch 1983. it has a feel to it.. Nivin Pauly, did not even look his direction after Malavadi but he has proved his mark. especially as Kuttetan in Bangalore Day, comic time is too good.

              Uganda thing.. time pass movie alle…


  2. Wowowow. . I have no idea how I landed on your blog but I do remember pins n ashes ..The new look is also good.

    Blogging has been good to me although those in met years ago have gone but I have made new friends now..

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    1. I think that is how transient it is.. I still hark back to the time I began, a few very dedicated bloggers and we interacted with each other at each other’s comment sections, sometimes arguing out something and at others taking forth that idea of the post and those in the comments to write another post and the cycle continued… but ya, a few old friends from the blogworld have remained, a few have gone away.. but there is always a new set of people who are interested in blogging, writing and sharing


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