When we met after all these years …

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I was the first one to reach the venue that day, I was at the lobby waiting as usual with a book in hand, some music in my ears.. and then they trickled in one by one, one after the other, a few in pairs, a few as a group… Hugs later, we realized that 5 hours was too short a time for us to even begin to talk. For most of those 5 hours we were really very happy to meet each other… because some of us did not even in our wildest of dreams think that we would meet as a group some day…

We grew up together as a class in college. We would have been 17 or 18 back then. We’ve had are share of fun, fights, groups, our moments of we are classmates how dare you, … and all those ideological twists and opinions just did not matter now that we were meeting after so many years. at least some of us were apprehensive. All that washed away somewhere in these years and the only bond we remembered and that has remained and was reinstated is that we are classmates. Sounds absolutely cliched and bollywood-ish but that was the mood… That is some bond, I tell you, where ever, whenever.. at least some of them will be there…

I still remember the first day of college. There was an orientation in the big auditorium where the Principal and the Heads of each department spoke from the podium on the stage. The parents with their tots sat as the audience. As this programme of welcome, and instructing us on the dos and don’ts came to a close, the class teachers of the first years were summoned to lead their students to their classrooms.

Our class teacher happened to be a strict looking nun in a brown habit who had those I don’t entertain nonsense kind of spectacles .. but with a hop in her stride. We never saw her smile in the first few weeks, she was one soooper strict class teacher whose classes initially were a terror.

We followed her silently to our classroom on the first floor and took our places. The first few days were a blur, but once we settled down, we started to bond as the class we were. It was the first time most of us were wearing plain clothes and not wearing a uniform.

When we met after so many years, nothing seemed to have changed about us. Yes, we had grown older, but we carried the same spirit..  We were the same group of girls who sat in that classroom listening to the lectures for three years, looking out of the window once in while when the lectures were boring, reading other things by keeping books inside textbooks, looking into other’s bags for lunch boxes, checking out the contents and eating it and passing them on, passing notes, sleeping, shielding people who were into these activities, how we took shifts doing this… and at other times,  we were planning parties, surprises, selecting and wrapping gifts.. acting in plays, or participating in group discussions..  We had an expert committee for every chore….the same expert committees took up their chores for the meet as well.

Do you do it like,… when we had to make a list of the girls in our class, we started to count and remember row-wise. It ensured that every one was in the list and we did not miss out on anybody.

The same vibes, the same laughter, we were as carefree as we were years ago.. We were with the people we had grown up with, those initial moulding years after a secured protected school life, just out of teenage into adulthood .. And I’ve learnt so many things in college, that each time I went home and told MJ, she used to say, “Welcome to the real world.” And because of all this, I think they sometimes know us better than anybody else because we have been through a lot together as a group 🙂

The bottom line is, the next time we plan to meet, we need to plan for an entire day and night may be. 5 hours was over in the blink of an eye. Now that we have met once, we will definitely meet again and again and again as this big group, or smaller groups wherever, whenever possible. It is a start…


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7 thoughts on “When we met after all these years …”

  1. A day nd night not enough either.. believe me.. a few years back we had a reunion it was supposed to be for a day. . We ended up staying for 2 days and still had tons to talk about..
    This year we had a plan for jan but due to the unfortunate circumstances I find myself it is now changed to sometime in the year. .although a few are coming tomorrow

    It’s a bliss I tell you..


  2. I completely get where you are coming from… I have this small group of friends from school that has stuck together – been in touch with each other almost constantly ever since we got out of our 10th std – and everytime we meet, more than two of us, we definitely spend at least an hour going back to those good old days and another hour to catch up on what the others from the class (those outside of this small group) are doing…


  3. Yes. Though our batch is yet to have such a fun reunion, I get where you’re coming from 🙂 Memories help in speeding that meet along, and time just whizzes past, alle? Maybe you peoples can plan a weekend trip together. Then you’ll have lots of fun and make more memories. (But the time might still feel not enough 🙂 )

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