Found a shared quote on FB about maturity.

Maturity is about not getting irritated with another, but about understanding the situation in which the other is which in turn compels them to do what they do. Maturity sounds a horrible state to be in then, all of a sudden. I’m temporarily stepping out of it, now until I can figure out how no harm/hurt can come my way.

The quote in itself is placed from a location where one party is being childish and the other being mature. There is a certain amount of hurt involved on the part of the childish. What about the hurt inflicted on M, then? However, being mature is to understand the original cause of the hurt, stay calm and react to the childishness in its own way. It just says M’s heart is made of stone!!

Something to ponder about.

How many of us actually think about another’s circumstances before reacting to what they do. It is difficult. Sometimes yes, other times no. What about you?

Let’s assume that a set of people live with more than a few problems. In their course of being immersed in them aren’t they trying to make other (mature) people who are positive, sound negative. Or at least drive them up the wall… Β I’ve come across many such. (Come on, we all are such at some times.) It is sad, the situation you see, people may be going through something very bad in life. They would have found some hope in a person or thing or a thought. The thought can be religion, one such, the person cab in Β in an affair, Β workaholism can be the thing …. through which they try to run into escapism, ways in which some of these people act to take out their frustration. The ridiculous part is they may even stand by it, adamantly!! It sometimes is shocking their levels of assurance in the negative.

Empathetically, it is hard when a problem hits you, harder when there is nobody reliable to speak to or confide in. The latter in itself adds more crisis in life.

So the next best thing usually is find a means to vent it out. However, this venting process only a handful can partake in. The rest of the majority cannot as venting may not be a freedom they possess.

So the next best option then would be to take up something and staunchly believe in it. It could be that source of joy these folks get from and that it could be one of the last strands of hope. They would vouch on it, for it, but then we know why they do that. That is what the quote means by maturity, is what I think.

Poor such! let’s give them a break, let them vent out, show their frustration. We being the positive and luckier folks to have better times and life, can listen, remain silent or just show them our support! And hope they begin to believe in themselves some day. Difficult, but what else can we the (mature) folks do πŸ˜› πŸ˜› I’m stood up and been there for my friends, in the same way, they have been there for me! But, this quote prioritizes the childish! Why! On top of all that why are people celebrating such quotes! Buck up, let go, and live after you have wallowed enough in self pity! O don’t want to be mature if this quote is around!Β Being mature seems such a pain in every part of the body πŸ˜› and a boring state of being!! ahaa πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜›



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22 thoughts on “Maturity!!!”

  1. This venting process…sigh… sometimes I show my frustration on my kiddo and feel bad right away. (Am I a matured person here?) He is not going to think, errr to be precisely he is not going to care how my day was. All he wants is to play with his amma in the evening. See now I am not sure in which category I am in. Matured or ????

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      1. This is a set of comments that make me always smile .. I was getting bugged with the like button, was thinking should I should I not, this post turns up in stats and I go loling πŸ˜€ how have you been ..

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  2. Hmmm… what if you understand the situation they are in, and the situation demands that they be hurt more than they hurt you? Take for example two of the things you mentioned in your post: Religion, and an affair.

    Religion is OK. What about religious fundamentalism? Whatever situation they may be in, fundamentalists are fools, IMHO. And whatever they do to hurt anyone, a thousandfold – at the very least – should be done to hurt them. The best way being to show them either that their faith condemns them to hell for what they’re doing, or (even worse) that their faith simply is wrong and their God is non-existent.

    As for the affair part… ah! F**k that! Unless one has a complete arsehole of a spouse, there is no other understandable situation to excuse it. Because, the person that an affair hurts the most is the spouse (in a marriage) or the partner (in a relationship) – and if that spouse/partner remains steadfastly by one’s side, one already has someone to vent their frustrations to. So, why have an affair? There is, after all, a reason for the spouse/partner to be called the “significant other”!

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    1. Fellow! how much you write! and that too on a post, I randomly wrote because I was irritated with what was being shared! this kind of maturity is leading on to sainthood! who wants to be one! I don’t.. nor you, Vidya, Sahasra or Biks


      1. If you wanted to make a point that you were irritated with what was being said, then what you wrote conveyed the exact opposite impression!

        Besides, I did need to write something or the other everyday, didn’t i? πŸ˜›

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    1. I would be literally standing on two boats if I say, yes I agree with you.. but what you say, Biks, is also true! I’ve got into trouble many times I should have just kept shut or tied my hands πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ but that’s me..


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