Some words….

“Madam, aapke bag mein haddi hai!” (“You have bones in your bag”) said the security officer and for a minute I imagined a femur in my backpack.

We smiled..

My dad had packed lunch for me that day and the food packet would have had chicken pieces in it. The security guard was referring to those small chicken bones. However, the word haddi gave me such an impression that I thought I was carrying a human bone in my bag!

A side effect of watching too many detectives series 😛 could be 😛

Some words have that effect! I can’t think any other at the moment.. but there are many.. thinking on!


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pins & ashes

An Aquarius Woman

3 thoughts on “Some words….”

  1. Well, in a way, those WERE piecces of femur in your bag, weren’t they? I am guessing, by “chicken pieces”, you meant either chicken curry (which I guess is made of chopped chicken) or chicken leg (as in tangdi kabab). Both of those should have pieces of femur, right?

    But then, what would I, an eggetarian, know?


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