Strangers of the day in Bombay

It was my first time in a bus in the city of Bombay. I boarded the bus from a stop and stood at the back of the bus and gave way for everyone who got in. I told the conductor where I needed to get down. He said he will show me a sign. I was waiting for that sign and in between all this, a man tapped on my shoulder and said, “the stop after this is yours” I said thank you and moved towards the bus door at the back.

To which he and another man said, the exit is through the front door near the driver. By this time, the bus was full of passengers, getting to the front of the bus with a big backpack with a laptop was difficult…

But then people somehow understood my predicament.

A woman sitting nearby to where I stood offered to pass my bag from passenger to passenger so that I could reach the front sooner. People gave me way to squeeze through and finally when I reached the driver, the woman sitting in the front row gave me my backpack. My stop arrived and I got down. The driver even told me the directions as to where to cross the road and which gate to enter to the campus. I was clueless about the bus rituals in Bombay, here we enter through the back door and get out through the front, so we keep on moving forward inch by inch in a crowded bus as our stop nears.

I’ve encountered people such as these wherever I’ve gone, in situations where I thought I’d get no help, people in general have been good to me.. a helping hand, a motivating smile, a pat on the back…. a few words.. therefore, when people talk about bad experiences on the roads I have none to talk about..


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5 thoughts on “Strangers of the day in Bombay”

  1. Yes, Mumbai’s generally been good… at least, the aam junta. Go to one of the “posh” areas, and you will come across the haughty snobs who you might want to slap right across the face (reason being, I KNOW I am better – at least, intellectually and on an emotional plane).

    Once again, post title: “A Stranger in Daytime”


      1. Yes, very few are bad… I was referring to the snobs – not bad inherently, just unbearable.

        By the way, change my title suggestion now to “Even Stranger By Daytime” (you know why…) 😀


  2. A bus here doesn’t have such rituals 😛 And I doubt there’d be a helping hand like that, should the need arise. Here, buses wait for passengers if there aren’t enough, and don’t stop for passengers if there’s a rival bus on the same route just behind or in front of them 😉


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