WOW – January Jeans Journey – Day 3

During a casual conversation with one of my professors, I happened to remark, “If I can give one piece of advice to the aspirants, it is do not join this programme in January” She was a little shocked as she expected as usual something academically oriented, however when asked for an explanation, I replied, “it ruins the holiday season.”

And it does. However much I work or we the January batch works, the eleventh hour is somehow every precious to all of us. I don’t know, some things, irrespective of all the earlier schedules, get done in the last minute alone. It could be a bad case of work management, even then….. with utmost planning, there is some running around in the last hour…

do you empathize with me? If yes share…..

I began this post with a prompt idea from bloagadda, they gave a combination of three words, january jeans and journey … well, a new year in a comfort jeans and on a ride somewhere… sounds awesome..

A journey in jeans in january seems plausible today because I’m far away from my work place, at home enjoying my holidays and I need to get back soon. The count down to begin work, to jump out of this no work holiday mood has come, and it will be a reality in a few days time. However, for me, I’m enjoy wherever, with work, without work, on a holiday, at work… MJ jokingly says,”you are happy and make others happy here and there and everywhere you go… it is us who you leave behind who feel the lack!” I think even she agrees it is a boon to be such … otherwise, walking around homesick or work sick or friend sick… ! I don’t know, I’ve never been that brooding type anytime and don’t see myself as such as well ..

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2 thoughts on “WOW – January Jeans Journey – Day 3”

  1. I agree… January is a bad time to start. Screw the holidays – which it does spoil. It just is a bad time to start because there are not enough of others starting with you to go through the painful grad-school up-down-up-down experience with you eight from the start – at least not enough to have a choice to select friends from… 😛

    As for MJ’s comments… there’s one other group who can just be OK wherever – not just happy-go-lucky fools (I know, too strong there, but had to go with the flo, didn’t I? 😀 ) like you. People like me, who are basically mostly introverted, only selectively extroverted. We don’t really care much about wherever we go – even the people we completely open up to, when we leave them, we know we have some book to go back to… 😛

    You shouldn’t have been asking ME for comments! 😐


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