The Golden Leaf

I just stepped out to feed my parrots at noon and there in front of me lay dangling, one leaf, as if from nowhere. For a moment it seemed magical because it was there in mid air, with no strings attached, swaying with the breeze. It was neither falling down nor had any inclination to fall… And then, it had that golden yellow hue. Amidst the greens it stood out and looked lovely. Cameras had to come out for such a shot is rare…I was happy to be at the right place at the right time. The leaf now lies on the ground dried and a little brownish in shade almost dead. There are a few other leaves beside it. It could be that all of them had their moment of bliss in the breeze before they fell down…..

I happened to be a witness to the journeys of one among them… that line from the film, Shall We Dance pops out, “bearing witness to your life… ” some very beautiful lines…

New year delights
New year delights

Whenever there is leaf and if we are avid readers the first thought always goes to O. Henry’s short story titled The Last Leaf. A widely anthologized piece, that is also the inspiration for the latest hindi film Lootera, tells the story of hope along with confidence, and of a special kind of friendship.

This one leaf such as in that story was not a painting although it looked like one… it was on its last leg of its life ….enjoying the sunlight and the breeze…..

It may have fallen to the ground right now, however at that moment the little thread from the spider’s web that held it, held it very tight… πŸ™‚The solo leaf ....The golden leaf as it swayed


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