Bye bye 2014 … thank you for the memories …

I woke up to a drizzle this morning. It was unexpected, but rains being rains I love them whenever, wherever… (you would know if you are my regular readers…) Drizzles are not the norm in the month of December in the state of Kerala, but it did today. I’m not sure if I had thought of what morning I’ll wake up to this morning…. you’ll also know, I love the sun, my friend with whom I race on many days to see who greets whom first in the early mornings…. but today was different, the drizzle first, then a little respite and then a little more than a drizzle … it is all wet now all over…

I’m at the window looking out at the sky and the leaves drenched in the rains, the pebbles wet with the rain waters… the dust has been cleared and cleaned, the grime has been washed out… (that would be hyperbole :D) looks like nature is showing the way and is saying .. last day of 2014, wash yourself up and get on with 2015….. Nature could be saying that, after all we are good at interpretations, aren’t we!

The highlight of this year was that I had a lot of food experiences… I had fun with the oven …. the two times I was home for a longer vacation, I baked to my heart’s content… to which my father thought I had on me some little baking demon, it was breads, biscuits, cookies, buns, rolls and cakes and everything that could be baked, .. everyday for breakfast and snacks .. it was fun to bake and see my folks enjoy the meal.. (cooking is also about people enjoying the meal and asking for more ( …)

Another batch

and then the big christmas party where nearly a 100 folks turned up at home… it is tradition here to start the do with cakes… and my mother planned homemade cakes this time round, …1, 2, 3… and it went on to 6 or 7, I’m not sure how many, but bake I did under her vigilant eyes, she did not let me experiment at all, for she wanted tried and tested recipes… By the penultimate cake I was fed up, and told MJ, baking cannot be my alternative career option, I just couldn’t and wasn’t interested to bake one more, so she told me to bake any of my favourite flavours, with that little enthusiasm creeping it, I went on to bake a carrot cinnamon.. the carrots that always give a softness to its cakes and a different kind of sweetness šŸ˜›

My dear baking folks,

I admire you, how do you retain your interest after baking cake after cake…after a point, I did not want to bake at all, neither watching the rising of the cakes from outside the oven nor the smells circled the kitchen nor the flavours that were in them nor the decor to come enticed me into making one more..

nevertheless, at the end of the day, the satisfaction of people who love cakes relishing it made my evening … you can just see that glimpse of awe and joy they have while they bite into a piece of cake and find something unexpected .. and love their find.. the hidden treasures of surprising people with a cake .. šŸ™‚ (but then you need to know cakes to enjoy them)

The year saw the baking and the travelling bug bite me .. I’ve traveled far and wide across the country this year for work and for meeting friends, lovely food times… tasted many new dishes, got to know a few more people, had more parties and fun, wrote a few more blog posts,

……and finally it has been a year where I’ve come to realize I’m a muse to a few and I am proud that I am a reasonably gooooood girl who loves to make more than a few people happy and people will find it extremely hard to destabilize me.

A batch of christmas cakes :)
A batch of christmas cakes šŸ™‚

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