My dear sane folks …. merry christmas …

After long contemplation, I came to a conclusion that I cannot exist with you saner lot of people. However, I really admire you people, on a  serious note, you who can be different people in different places, have a stock of masks in your cupboard and can put up so many appearnaces whenever you want and excel at it. That’s respect coming your way.

I have difficulty carrying my one crazy mad self around and then I forget  to carry those masks and forget what I’ve said to you before, if it is a lie, I get caught very easily 😉 😉 imagine the sorry face I cut!!

That’s why I said, I can’t befriend you saner lot, I tend to pick up fights with you because you say things from behind curtains and then say somethings else during other times. And you expect me to know!!!! I who have no curtains at home and feel claustrophobic behind one and sneeze a ton with the dust of that curtain!

So, being with you is so difficult for I need to put pressure on my little brains why you have said this and there and my little nose, it goes red sneezing, you know!! … so it is better we are not friends, it is better you sit with people who have 100 masks, and know how to act and be good when you are not, so when each of you meet you all know what you are and know you are acting unlike my mad crazy simple friends who have just one self, and are not ashamed of their craziness and the madness they are in. We do not pretend to be crazy, we accept it graciously 😀 😀

We can laugh at nonsense, we can laugh at ourselves, we can put our heads together seriously over a cause, we are adept at playing cards or ready to make somebody smile spontaneously in the open, since we dont believe in saying and doing things behind curtains.

We can become santas, we can take part as elves and go on sleigh rides, drop down chimneys and make people believe in Santa Claus and joy. So it is always better we stay away from each other… we will never be sane like you, we dont want to be for if we are so truthfully sane we may give you competition. So to avoid such…. until next year, a merry christmas from the crazier loFB_IMG_1419407327163


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