A hotter me :P

There are days when my body feels it wants to sleep some more, but I would be tugging it out of bed to take it some place else other than the cosy bed. So a few more days of this tugging the body out of bed without adequate rest, and just thinking of a lot of other things including work, my body decided to take a break.

It all started one evening, when I felt extremely sleepy, I just couldn’t leave my eyes open even for a few minutes. I headed back to the room and all I can remember is I went off to sleep. I slept the entire night. I woke up with a fever the next day. Fever, body ache… Since more than a few people I know are down with Dengue, I ran to the hospital. This one doctor is one good soul, his humour takes away half of my illness almost always. He says come back in two days if you are feeling weak.. no blood test required, this is no dengue!

I wake up this morning to feel all good. I woke up feeling me. I woke up feeling back to yahoooo! kind of me, no fever, no aches, although there is a memory of the fever that visited these past so many days.. For in the last few days it has been really tough… waking up to aching legs and an aching back.. and a hottter body! add to it the sudden chilly weather that hit the city!

There are times when we learn lessons. Nature could be an overall term to refer to. It could be people, it could insects, it could be our own bodies. Our bodies I would say are lovely teachers. They adapt, everyday, to our uncharted scheduled routines. But rest it should get otherwise it may just go on strike 🙂

——– an indisposed Vayaadi Pennu


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pins & ashes

An Aquarius Woman

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