Ridley Scott’s Exodus : Gods and Kings (2014)


Exodus.. is huge.. humane and  …. areal…

where we think of the “it is not a mountain, it is a wave” scene from Interstellar ..

where God as a concept is taken out and looked at as a very scientific and natural phenomenon.

A cursory look at the re-presentation of the 10 plagues in the film, and it shows how natural it is.. one calamity follows the next.. the first plague was brilliantly done how the water turned red..I think all of them.. the boils, the darkness, the locusts, the frogs.. the thunder..

God as a child, God as a hallucination.. God as talking to one’s own self… God as drinking Tea .. (I think I need to start loving tea ya 😀 :P)

There are many diversions from the Biblical story I have read or read through out my life until now.. or heard from the many other sources.. To enjoy the film one does not need to know the story, but if one knows, it is definitely a leverage.

For instance, the scene about the parting of the Red Sea.. all my life, in my mind, I pictured it as Moses taking his stick and striking the water once, miraculously the sea parts into two, into two huge walls of water, two walls that nearly touch the sky… making a way through the sea bed for the Israelites to pass through.

The water on both sides as a wall is akin to that of a walk in room sized aquarium… water and fishes on all sides, and we as spectators walk in to see the fish, real size, in real time..

In this film, the sea withdraws.. there is a sword, there is a striking .. there is Moses.. but the reason for the water to recede is the low tide ..that is where the practicality of the situation walks in, in this Scott movie…. I could relate to this low tide so completely because I have been to a beach like this in Valsad, many times over… where during low tides, the water recedes so much so that the beach goers can walk into the sea.. into the insides of the ocean, into a great distance, walking over stones and rocks and groups of stones and rocks and over sand that was the sea during high tide a few hours ago and will be a few hours later… where the miracle has a grounded explanation..

The first areal shot of Egypt complete with the pyramids and the Nile is worth a watch… I think to capture the large population, the many areal views is absolutely necessary.. this is just one of the many areal shots in the film..

Then there is one with the fire arrows.. picturesque .. the one where the horse dies..

In the middle of all this, I thought, Bale fellow, or rather Moses, you were so hale and hearty as the General of Egypt, why did you ever come out of that luxurious life.. to sun burns, to hunger, to anxiety, to trouble, to hiding, …to guerrilla warfare again.. to become the rebel to lead a slave population out of a country .. Oh ya, then there is that term Slave Economy .. (one wonders)

Recommended. And then watch 10 commandments all over again, and then we are ready for a discussion..

Exodus released today.


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