Welcome December …


The last month of the year is here…

It came very soon I feel for I still remember a birthday party in March as if it happened just two weeks ago. We had gone for Queen that evening after the traditional cake cutting and gifting of gifts and all that do….. together we had a lot of fun.

I feel this is one film where I could enjoy and will enjoy with my this group of girls.. Watching it with another group of friends or alone will never make any sense to me at all.. For one, it is the same old story of a girl who finds her self…

Well I’m happy for the character, something happened that turned her life upside down which was brilliantly differently conceived of on the screen, the character played by Kangana Ranaut  took it positively..  she evolved.. Hope it occurs with others as well.. Second, the film was very audience friendly and interactive.. so to have D on one side and hi5-ing for every other scene, turning to A for the French translations, and generally girl gang giggling .. well that is why the film was interesting in the first place…

On a serious note, films of this nature should be screened more often, it is a subject that needs to be thought of more often …. for the society in most parts is such.  If I say my peer group is a secure set of individuals.. (you may find me arrogant that way) well, I may be saying the truth mostly, however, there are other sets of people all over, who are not.

For them, Queen matters, for them, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobora matters.. for them The Monk who Sold his Ferrari matters, for them Eat Pray Love matters, or the Chicken Soup matters… for they are taught to just work and not enjoy life, (now that would be exaggeration!..)  or they just get into the rut of life so much so that they stop to enjoy it at all, or in the case of most of the people, they just can’t because of circumstances… they just can’t because they are overburdened. Even then there are these gems among these folks, whatever the matter, however, life treats them, however they are plugged down by work, they find time to be themselves or like in the protestant ethic, they work and live at the same time.. (Catholics on the other hand, have this clear cut demarcation between the worldly and spiritual lifestyles)

And the usual problems arise! Dissatisfaction! Boredom! And it is films like these, and books that pinch them out of their mundane life to take that U turn, that break… that moment such as in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, when the character played by Hrithik Roshan goes scuba diving and realizes a few life truths and he cries!! Moments of Epiphany may bring tears, not sure about that part. It takes some thing, or some one to do that for everyone.. in cases like mine, I call it upbringing, therefore, Parents.. 🙂

This last month also coincides with the Christian Lent routine for 24 days.. so I wonder, what to take off this time or what to take in as a habit.. the thumb rule is, it should be a big temptation or a something I have been dodging for a while.

However, the problem I often face during this season is, when I decide to take in or take out something … once the decision is made, it is done, there is no looking back, there is no wavering in thought or action..  the temptation stops there like that. What fun if there is no temptations..  😛  for instance, I take off ice creams, (they are like my favourite things on earth), I will not care in the least if another person is enjoying it even when it happens in front of me. I can even go to the extent of buying it for people, and watch them enjoy.. without a thought of a craving for it.. I know, boring right 😀 😀 therefore, may be I should just work on making temptations.. that would be a good one, makes 24 more exciting days to look forward to 😛 😛


May be like last year, I should just be at it that I should not crib about the mess food.. but not eat all 4 times from the hostel mess… 🙂 Because, all 4 times from the mess can cause gastronomical complications, going on lent does not mean harming the body, does it 😉   Will think up something.. a routine is in order for the next 24 days.. and dietary routines are good, when religion tells you to follow, most people follow if we are schooled into that thought from childhood..

With December also comes Christmas .. my favourite season of year.. I love to make the crib and decorate the tree and buy new tree hangings and go walking down street markets midst the cheer.. sing carols.. it is one of the loveliest of seasons.. for me..

Ho! ho! ho! waiting for Santa Claus.. gifts, parties .. and a lot of fun..


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