Window Chronicles: The Sparrows

Lovely mornings at 9 on a weekend.

Sparrows:  Lots of them. Lots and lots of them hopping from one balcony to the other, swooping down from the fiber glass roof shades, into the bushes in the playground to the wires on the fences. They sat in a line on the park benches.

Sparrows (Image from Wikipedia)

The sparrows in such larger groups, like this, is after a long long long time. I thought I would never be able to see them ever like this in swarms, if that is the collective noun used for them. I lost count as to how many there were. I was excited, an excitement that has a wordiness and a sheepish smile, and a blog post.

Three days spent watching just sparrows mostly. Taking in all their hops and skips.  I’m sure, they would have felt bugged by a pair of eyes 🙂   Sparrows, yes, sparrows …. twittering around….all over the place, I could not believe my eyes and ears, for I thought they were nearly extinct, and I partly felt guilty for pushing them towards their extinction because of the increasing mobile phone usage.

A balcony by the window with a view. One of the best weekend getaways I would have hoped for.

This time round I did not know what I was getting into. It all happened very quickly. It began on another note nevertheless, it turned out to be a getaway on a balcony by the window with a view, of sparrows.


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4 thoughts on “Window Chronicles: The Sparrows”

    1. I was over at a friend’s biks … it was lovely catching upon some sparrows. Next expected them to be around.. they are rarely spotted in city spaces.

      My window also has a lovely view. in a city like Bombay to be on a campus which gives such view, bliss 🙂


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