Window Chronicles: The Kite on the Eucalyptus Tree

The Kite (Photo from Wikipedia)

The kite comes everyday.

It makes sounds. hovers around for a while. And, it then sits on his favourite branch on the Eucalyptus tree, out there outside my window. The joy of spotting it again on the second day, again on the third, then on the fourth. After 4 days the Kite has become my official neighbour, working of course, next door on its branch on the Eucalyptus tree.

It takes a while to settle down. Unsteady from its flight, it first sits on one leg, then on the other and then sinks into its knees (they too have little bends in their legs). It takes time to settle its feathers, flutters them around a bit, flapping away the dust it caught on its way here this morning.

But, at times it just flies away just like that, in the middle of this flapping.. or in the middle of keeping a watch. I think the Kite is here to watch over some thing or some one, may be it is the new official over seer of the tennis court. Up on that tree, it will not miss even a little flutter in the hedges below.

Therefore, it sits with its back towards me? When it looks out to the horizon, we form a line one behind the other.

It used to go missing after noon to return around 3. But then I found it keeping a watch from another tree left of our Eucalyptus tree. Shifting tables and changing arrangement in the room has these kind of advantages, now you see.

From morning to until it is 4, the Kite sits watch, on its tree. A partner comes by at times, and flies off after it settles down on its tree. No other bird sits on this branch, shoos away the partner when it tries to perch.

Whenever it comes closer to my window, I have a question ready, “what is your job profile?” Kite…

I wonder who it has at home in the nest and who are its friends..

The table by the window, this time a kite up on that tree sharp at 10.30 everyday in the morning.

It brought back memories of a morning in May, an exam day, when my Prof stopped me outside the classroom to point out to a bird in the sky. “Look at the tail,” he said. Some of the these birds have forked tales and some have none, the forked ones are kites or are they hawks……. I forget. It was exam day…  a table by the window, this time it is a kite ..


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