The Squirrel’s Siesta

I finally found a squirrel, at close range to shoot, but at the same time at some distance not to disturb its own going on, so that I could just let it be and observe it and shoot at my pace…..
Yet again, serendipity attaches itself to my name.
It so happened that I was standing by the window looking out while the cleaning staff was at their chore in my room. And, that’s when I spotted my mynah friend of yesterday on the branch. Its partner was playing by itself on the lawn. To my surprise, the mynah was talking to somebody else on top of the tree. When I craned my neck to see who the friend was, it was this little guy called the Squirrel. I was not in a position to eavesdrop into their noon dialogue as I stood behind a closed window, but soon the mynah hurriedly posed for a few pictures and flew away with a goodbye tweet. She may come back tomorrow, she and her friend was here this morning as well.

The sleeping squirrel :)
The sleeping squirrel 🙂

And the Squirrel settled down for an afternoon nap…

Today, therefore, is one of those days when I am soooper duper thrilled.

The last time I was this excited (that would be a lie, I’m always excited about something or the other every day)… excited, (let’s add) about an animal, was when my parakeet found its way to our home. Once she became friendly with us, she allowed us to touch her and blow air into her feathers. She loves it when we blow air into her head, especially at those little feathers that surround her beak. This would be circa 1997; she came in on the eve of Mother Teresa’s death, September 4. It was a Thursday. (Her arrival is special because she is special to us, and then as a global unit, we were first shocked by death of Princess Diana earlier in the week. Mother Teresa was one of the selected invitees for her burial in England and then she too passed away by the end of that week).

Our parakeet was a baby, just a few days old. She had fallen on to our pot of mother-in-law’s cushion (that’s the name of a cactus) from her nest on the nearby coconut tree. We took her in as our kid sister. (From then on to this day, all our cards and letters as a family are signed as, lots of kisses & pecks 😛 😛 😛 ).
The last time I was this excited about an animal was when I was caressing her head one day, and suddenly I found a hole on the side of her head. I screamed. She screamed as well. MJ and DJ would have come along sooner. It was one of the parents who told me that that hole was her ear.. Of course, there was a hole on the other side of her head as well. The thing with birds is that they do not have the part of the ear called the pinna like we do, they just have the ear holes.

That brings me to, today.

DSC01201I was excited because as long as I can remember, I was running behind a squirrel to take a picture. The little guy was swift and I had no patience, or some such thing that never added up to a chemistry between us until this afternoon. I’m excited today because I got to seee how these tiny creatures called squirrels prepared for a nap in the afternoon.

I see my parakeet preparing to sleep. She usually sleeps on one leg most of the time, rarely on two, the body all puffed up, the nictitating membrane begins to cover the entire eye, a shade of translucent white.

This was the first I watched a squirrel getting ready for bed and sleep soundly, a little tossing and turning, (it was on this tiny branch) to wake up when all tiredness was gone, it preened itself, and was on its way to somewhere.

Curiosity hit the cleaning lady as well. She came along and stood beside me looking in the same direction I was looking at to see what had caught my full undivided attention 🙂 She smiled, stood there for a while and went about doing her job in other rooms.


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9 thoughts on “The Squirrel’s Siesta”

  1. 🙂 .. the pic makes me want to have a afternoon siesta .. reminds me of the good old days when we did and now grown up got ot work through it all 😦

    lovely pics P&A 🙂


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