Innale | Padmarajan | Shobana, Jayram, Suresh Gopi, Sreevidya

Innale meaning, yesterday in Malayalam…

It is the story of a young woman who lost all her memories from her past life, after a bus accident. A bus accident far away from where she calls home, a bus accident in which she was the only survivor.

The doctors at the hospital tell her to be happy that she is alive. They say that the memory loss is a small prize to pay for her live, the big thing was that she survived.

The film is set in a hilly town somewhere in Kerala/Tamil Nadu border.. the different parts of the town is owned by a single family. They own a hospital, the club, houses.. the school..

Their peaceful life is disturbed one night when a bus met with an accident and fell into the river. Except 3 people, most of the passengers died. Out of the three, the girl survived without any physical injury, she survived with a clean slate for her memory. She could not recollect anything from her past. It seemed another life, a life she had lived but had no memories of…

So, she makes new memories.. but all the while, her search for her past continues. People who had lost a dear one come from far and wide to see her thinking it will be their dear one… she waits, falls in love, her wedding is fixed, when somebody came in search for her, somebody who came specifically looking for her..

One of the few films where I love the subtlety in actor Suresh Gopi. The many instances of situation humour brings alive the film all over again… and brings that smile on our face…

Innale.. when yesterday is no more, there is only the present and the future to look forward to…


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