L’l pleasures

Every night after dinner when I walk into my room..

I see the moon. (You bet! it does rhyme ;))

She stands there across the window some times hidden among the branches of the eucalyptus trees that line the streets below. Peeping out slowly.

I can sit and watch her for hours.. for hours together, keeping my work and sleep aside.. and these days, that is one of the reasons why I sleep late at night..

Have you watched the moon lately… it is a reddish shade, a looker she is, and quite a sight these days at around say 11… 12 from my room,  she is very charming indeed…..

therefore bed times are extended …as I sit watching the moon from my window…. as it moves across the sky between the branches of these trees…. But, here, I’m a l’l confused… I find the moon and the sun, both rise in parts of the eastern sky.. (or whatever is called east)  from my window 😛 The confusion remains, I’ve not bothered to look it up.. because I gain both ways

…the sun wakes me up with its rays in the morning.. live streaming into the room..  and the moon is a beauty by night 🙂

On purpose then, I draw the curtains apart… switch off the lights when I go down for dinner every night..

When I return and open the door to my room.. this white ball, waxing and waning in its myriad shapes welcomes me …

it is a sight to behold in the darkness of the room…from the doorway through the window… 🙂 🙂


Published by

pins & ashes

An Aquarius Woman

8 thoughts on “L’l pleasures”

  1. The little pleasure of life indeed … 😉 I cannot seem to see the moon from my window 😦 …or maybe I haven’t actually sat by my window…hmm..now that shall be solved asap!!!


  2. If thw moon has been a reddish shade lately, “a looker”, who/what is this white ball waiting for you in yoyr room? Beware of strangers, Ash! 😛

    By the way, seems like you did immediately take my idea of putting this in words… I am still waiting for that topic… 😀


      1. Attitude is something that comes naturally. In fact, some of us have to make efforts to keep iy down. If you HAVE to make it s point to show some attitude, good for you. 🙂

        Although, maybe hints of conceit and/or attention-seeking are shing theough. 😀


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