Write Tribe: Dreams – Festival of Words – Day 7

He always teased her about her love for duck roast. “They are so cute creatures ya! How could you eat them.” She smiled and continued to admire his photographs of the ducks on his laptop. He was home, at last after a month of work in Dusseldorf. She missed him in unknown ways… words seemed cumbersome to shower her love on him.

Together they finished an early breakfast at 3 in the morning. His flight had landed a few hours ago, he always came home from a trip thinking of food. Knowing his love for dosas… Neha kept the batter ready, to serve him his hot rice pancakes with his favourite tomato chutney. “Did you marry me for the dosas” she teased him this time as he relished the combination. His sly grin played on his face again the grin she had fallen in love with, the grin her mother had warned her about, the first time she introduced him to her family.

They knocked again. This time,  Sam was irritated. She called out a good night to her winged friends on the other side of the wooden window, they kept quiet all night after.  She was new to the city, new to this apartment, when his company sent him on this one month trip to Germany, the pigeons gave her company, she said.

He still clicked ducks and swans on his way to work. His new partner loved other things, she never woke him up in the middle of the night to watch the rain or served him dosas on his return trips. A spur of the moment decision, he did not regret, but that made him lie to his Neha for these last couple of years.

He could see her admiring his duck clicks…she could never explain what she loved in these ducks…. He always looked forward to see her excitement when he returned home to her food, and love with her favourite pictures of ducks….. A beautiful dream he had thrown away with a woman he had fallen in love with four years ago…  He did not know whom to blame, the circumstances or himself or Neha.

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words 8th – 14th December 2013.

Daily Prompt: Propehcy


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6 thoughts on “Write Tribe: Dreams – Festival of Words – Day 7”

    1. Ya, actually yes.. some people do throw away in a random state of mine.. I am ok with the throwing away, but I am not quite ok with the lying part of it, because that shows that they are cowards.. and have no considerations for other people’s lives when others are involved…you giving me ideas to a sequel 🙂


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