WriteTribe|The Best Scent: Wednesday Prompt

She was his dear girlfriend then.. just his dearest wife, now… August wanted to be neither, anymore… she opted out…… to be her old self… life became more than a tad smoother, unexpectedly, the headaches vanished, the heartaches dwindled…….its waft hit her as soon as she stepped out on to the threshold… the threshold of her life….like the smell of old books, the smell of her dear old self, was intoxicating….. the waft filled her senses… she inhaled a breadthful,… to inhabit it, yet again, never to step out to be an other… There it lay in a corner cobwebbed now, under a blanket of dust… all these years, relegated, in the name of love …


Published by

pins & ashes

An Aquarius Woman

16 thoughts on “WriteTribe|The Best Scent: Wednesday Prompt”

  1. I love the poignant meaning behind this one, PnA. U have always come up with wonderful stuff. The mask is removed – doesn’t he feel free now? Why wear the mask in the first place?
    Love is a strange thing. Trust and faith are established because of love. Imagine that if they were for the “other” and not the “true self”… how hurting that would be.
    Glad he realized it.


    1. true… very true, if people were to just remove their masks and be confident in walking as their own selves.. any relationship and life in general would be very simple indeed… almost a year late for a reply, thank you a walk into the woods… it is always a lovely feeling when the reader appreciates the work 🙂


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