My dear friend from the past ….. read on .. ..

Some people come into our lives to make us feel good about things, some people don’t. Irrespective of the situation and all the shades from the good to the bad reasons, there are memories associated with both these sets of people.

I agree.

I have lost many a friend over the years for reasons known and unknown..

I have lost phones with entire contact lists with no backup.

And during those times and later I’ve come to realize the irrelevant information stored in our lives and our phones just there to take up some space which could have been given to somebody else or some other thing. I have many friends who are allergic to mobile phones, emails and Facebook, together and separately. Keeping in touch with them is the real task in case of losing a phone…

…but how I work it out then is, if we are meant to be, we will somehow and get in touch… or as they say, “…the universe conspires… ”

Stretching this idea out a little bit more…there is something about some people we have known for many years and were really attached to for some reason…..then fall apart and go different ways for some other odd reason(s).. There are a few moments we remember them at times, the good times we spent together mostly…

…..but then we let go, right…..especially when we have explicitly taken the decision and thrown somebody out of our system, consciously, for specific reasons, to move on, (these were your parting words) .. .. …

….. If that is the case, call me dumb, I’m surprised you are reading and commenting on my posts when you just hate me! I would not be doing that if I were you 😉 and am not! but you are not me, nor my friend anymore therefore may be, I cannot empathize! Right! If it is for a response, here you go I have responded!

… Be content and happy always… all best



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