Write Tribe: Festival of Words, Day 4 …

The very first time I saw her on somebody else’s blog commenting, then the blog hop happened and I was at her place and she was at mine. She went on to become a regular visitor, even when I went into a phase of just writing posts and never hopping or commenting at all. She was there all along all these years almost the first person to read whatever I have written after I hit publish. Yes, she does pamper me in unknown ways Β πŸ˜‰

Then came along a letter about a post I had written. This was one of the first ones I received and I was thrilled… The reading and writing continued until a point when I wrote a post and she was one of few people who got back to me on it, personally. The joy of being understood, that is some joy all of us feel as opposed to the three word casual attendance comments for a post such as excellent or lovely or very good or some such words strung together.. where the reader may not know how to articulate about the post they just read but have to say something…..Β I replied showing my joy and then life continued.. she visited I visited… and out of the blue we were on the same time line and began to chat …… and so evolved a relationship that went on to be like being with a twin, as we call ourselves ….

It could be that we empathize at the level of the academic courses we are into… its ups and downs, the moods and the way it swings in its extremity or just the way we are…. don’t think we are even bothered to figure out why we came together and have remained this way, or want to Β ….

The woman in question writes from the heart, whatever she puts up on the blog, and she has not one, but more than two blogs.. Β She loves spinning stories most of the time and writing verse, is always up for a challenge.. the difficult part is that she would post mostly the exact same things which runs through my mind for a given prompt.. and publish it even before I have penned it down.. Now you do see the predicament she puts me into pushing me to think in different ways about prompts πŸ™‚

At the moment for the Write Tribe Festival of Words she is spinning a tale about a beautiful girl named Violet, her new indigo dress and her handsome prince with Blue eyes.. she draws you into this lucid fairy tale, we go with the flow until you see the protagonists exchange phone numbers to make the reader jolt out of the Snow White kind of stories to a fairy tale in the 21st century.

Aps scribbles her whims atΒ Aps’ Scribbles and WhimsΒ @ blogspot.in


words meeting people,

people meeting people,

people meeting words..

and theΒ journey continues…

…. My twin from the bloggy world ….


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27 thoughts on “Write Tribe: Festival of Words, Day 4 …”

  1. o I love this gal too .. one pukka sweetheart she is! So diff from my image of UK returned PHD Scholar I should add πŸ˜€


  2. Been engrossed in the Indigo-dressed Violet meeting the blue-eyed gent too πŸ™‚ And can I empathize with your predicament of having your prompt ideas preempted πŸ™‚


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