Write Tribe: The Festival of Words.. Day 1

There are so many factors that affect the making of the blog post.

Like the one I am writing now, you are reading at the moment took a lot of thought.

A lot of thought and a lot of effort such that I slept off thinking about it the entire day and finally when the clock struck 6 pm here on September 1, 2013, in the region of India and the sun almost went to sleep I still had nothing to write about for 7 days in a row on either one topic or a group of topics…. about 7 different things or 7 little things or 7 big things…..

…..and then all of a sudden this seemed to be the best thing to write about.. because it is ultimately about the festival of words, words meeting people, people meeting people, and then people meeting words all over again.. isn’t it not..

….write a post, somebody reads, somebody comments, and somebody writes again.. and in this way, some people actually meet outside the virtual world which ceases to be virtual or the real anymore…. and many who are not embedded in this kind of virtuality never can comprehend our love and passion of each other πŸ™‚

I was out there on the footpath almost a decade ago waiting for my first virtual friend, a blog friend, to turn up in front of a Ganesha temple somewhere in Sec’bad, If any of you know the map of Hyderabad it is a prominent place even the auto rickshaw drivers knew without asking for directions or giving the passenger a second quizzing glance…

That wasΒ my first ever blog meet …

The fact that one writes in itself makes all of us a ‘hatke’ category because people who write, have a certain amount of observation skills, some amount of creativity, a lot of words inside us that are queuing behind every pore in our bodies to come out in a line in a disciplined way… if impatient… they cut that line, burst out and say a story of any kind…. blogs being our outbursts.. serious, trivial, lucid or fun or all the above.. or something else…

The first set of scenes in Karnad’s play Nagamandala comes to mind.. have you read it… anybody.. it is an experience, the Hindi filmPaheli starring Sharukh Khan and Rani Mukherjee was loosely based on the play.. but the story of the wicks of the lamps I don’t think was portrayed visually by the team …..

Just imagine.. Β the many individual wicks which light the homes from dusk to night fall…. meet later in the temple outside the village to share the news of the families they are a part of, technically gossip πŸ˜› πŸ˜› .. The very concept of shutting out light but in fact the light transforming to another form, the form of darkness… while the energy behind the Β light travels to the temple to meet their friends.. to gossip.. just keep your imagination running to take in the scene… the night life of the wicks and flames groups of little flames, flames from the candles, the oil lamps, the kerosene watch lights walking, strolling from the different corners of the village to a meeting .. similarly, we come from different parts to meet for a bloggers meet…. one happened today as well, few met had fun and parted πŸ™‚ … many keep happening daily, the blogs become just an excuse after the first meet.. to dial a number, talk, chat, pen letters, send goodies or just post … or make noise in group pages πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰Β 


words meeting people,

people meeting people,

people meeting words..

and the journey continues…

My festival of words begins here..

Write Tribe



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pins & ashes

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24 thoughts on “Write Tribe: The Festival of Words.. Day 1”

  1. Yes….we’re the creative people who put sense into gibberish and make a simple bunch of words meaningful and sensitive. Our blogs are just an extension of us,right? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Lovely post Pinsy…..and what a way to start the Festival of words…with words!! All the best…have a great time writing for it…will enjoy reading your posts. πŸ™‚


  2. Oh wow! I love paheli as a movie… it appeals to my feminist side. And you know I never quite saw it this way… the words meeting people and then people meeting words… I don’t think I would ever forget this. Thanks a lot for bringing this concept so clearly and wonderfully around πŸ™‚



    1. Richa… theplay would appeal to u more then… it is a folklore abt the woman coupled with multiple endings, n a freedom to choose our own as well.. the idea of words meeting just popped up.. thank u… found it to be absolutely true …



  3. Words does make a writer special
    I never have been to a bloggers meet other than one ib meet or don’t know if I can do that πŸ™‚ but seeing all bloggers meeting is for sure special


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