Why I write….

Why I write… because it comes naturally to me like speech, especially in the  days of the laptop… the fingers ache when I hold the pen to scribble something for more than a while… when I am speechless, the writing speaks… the minds speaks and it translates into the writing… for it is the mind that speaks while I write… silently it voices my thoughts into words and it comes out as writing … and some of you read it…

Why I write I ask… as I love to express, and demonstrate what I think… it speaks volumes, a single word written, gives a thousand different meanings… perspectives and interpretations…

Why I write, because it is a proof that my mind is working, that it is active and it is thinking and it is not dead… for without writing sometimes speech becomes just a babble… but written records stay forever especially in this age of the internet, however you try to erase them, for the good or the bad… the record stays as a shadow to be unearthed later.

I write to record the thoughts that run through my head and the writing gives me a chance to rediscover them all over again over a period of time… it shows change, it shows progress, it shows maturity

Why I write… so that you can hear me, again, read me again… not once but many times, over many times and may also ponder over it… and give your say … like in our comment section of the blog…

Why I write as it makes thinks transparent..

Why I write, so that things are clearer in my head, yours and for the pun of it all.. I would know what exactly are my thoughts on a matter …

I write for the sheer joy of the activity, it is therapeutic, it is a meditation… it is what I do, work-wise,… and it is what I will do until the end of time…

Why I write, because it is my self… it is a different me that comes out, in its different phases, with the hidden facts, the hidden rules, the secrets selves, the discovery of  newer wilder and whackier, saner and peaceful thoughts every single time I write…. there are times when I feel, oh! God those thoughts are mine 😉 😉 the cats are all out of the bags…

Why I write, because it is a revelation of the many facets of my conscious, subconscious and unconscious … mind…

Thank you Corinne.. for the prompt and thank you Hitchy for what you wrote without his post I wouldn’t have even know about the prompt… and with two more posts from Smita and Deeps in the inbox today, it was added motivations to write on it…. Frankly, it was great writing about the act of writing itself, and to tell you all the truth, it all came so spontaneously… in a matter of minutes… no jottings, no notes, no edits, no nothings… thoughts flowed… that’s why I write, I guess……

Write Tribe Prompt

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30 thoughts on “Why I write….”

  1. Why I write, because it is a revelation of the many facets of my conscious, subconscious and unconscious … mind…- Loved that. Loved the quote too.
    Dropping by from “Why I write”


  2. Each and every line is so true. During my school days, I used to write a journal, everyday. I noted down my teachers comments, the fun we had and the little annoying things about homework and peer pressure. Now when I read those, I find it quite funny. Those fears, don’t matter now.

    Lovely post. The writing prompts, have opened a new world in front of me, with new blogger friends and some fantastic blogs to read 🙂


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