…. tasted silk lately …

Have you tasted Silk lately… 😉

I have…

In fact I am biting into my big bar of Orange peel right now while I type the post

Orange peel though is not my favourite flavour, it still is crunchy for some reason… and the chocolate is yum yum

In the room, in hand’s reach sits a melted Silk waiting to be eaten

There are some things you do in public and some things you don’t,

I feel extremely comfortable getting my fingers all chocolaty in the privacy of my room…

So here’s to me, my bar of chocolate and to you for your bars and your spaces…


Published by

pins & ashes

An Aquarius Woman

18 thoughts on “…. tasted silk lately …”

        1. Pleasure .. 🙂 and I am beaming what to do… makes me crave for another silk there is a canteen downstairs and I’m on my way to get another silk … 😉


            1. perks of staying on a campus 😉 …
              anyways, silk dreams. I’ll taste mine for making me grin tonight tomorrow 🙂 Fair no.. abhi…

              Good night 🙂


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