Film Review: Mumbai Police (2013) | Malayalam | Rosshan Andrrews | Prithviraj, Rahman, Jayasurya

And I loved Prithviraj all over again, better than Celluloid (2013), just a notch more than Ayallum Njannum Thammil (2012)… Actually, the three of them in lead, ACP Antony Moses (Prithviraj), Farhan Aman, Commissioner of Police (Rahman) and ACP Aaryan John Jacob (Jayasurya) are impressive.  In one word, impressive, good suspense, and most of all, have to say it… Malayalam cinema seems to have evolved to accommodate newer themes… if I say anything more, it would be a spoiler.. Go watch. Recommended

I need to confess, my heart skipped a beat when I saw Roshan Andrrews’s name as the director. I went for the film Mumbai Police which had a cast of three actors out of which, a love for Rahman goes a long way back… Heard excellent reviews from dependable sources not read (mind you) and we were off to catch the movie, in the process, I haven’t read a review nor did I know the details of the rest of the cast or the film crew.

Just like last year’s film Diamond Necklace starring Fahad Fazil and three women in the lead that released in May/June 2012, this film’s crew has given importance to its interiors… exquisite interiors, beautiful colour combinations, hand picked pieces of furniture and show pieces, its different living spaces are done well… even the clothes, although I did eeeeeeeeks out when I saw Prithviraj in a checkered pyjamas.


  • There is a shot inside Prithviraj’s home when the three friends meet for drinks.. there is a shot of a shadow of a crystal lamp shade/candlestick.. beautiful 🙂
  • The looks of the actors are so right…
  • One of the first scenes when Annie calls, … and Farhan speaks to her … their relationship is subtly revealed. And Prithviraj’s smile at acknowledging it…
  • Sharpness of images and scenes.. I jumped when I heard the voice when he opened the door of the refrigerator for water
  • I don’t remember there were any songs in the films…
  • The characters are well etched, although I felt touches of cliche… the more I say, I will need to write spoiler alert… refraining therefore…
  • But if you do not read any reviews and go for the film, well you are in a for a surprise..
  • And there is loads to laugh, when I say laugh it is not slapstick comedy or comedy as such… situational.. and we do smile and guffaw many times…


  • Found the action initially lacking spontaneity, just the beginning
  • Oh yes! some of the cast.. especially a junior police officer and the like… are bad in acting, they could have picked actors well…
  • Other than the three the rest of the cast has nothing much to do… although there are gestures of all of them having a role to play..
  • I had a couple more listed in my head but can’t recollect now… will add as and when it comes back…

Last Word

Mumbai Police means Friendship that’s the tag line of the film… I would add the makers of Mumbai Police are bold enough to sketch a rarely visited but common theme in the society today… hidden under the wraps of so many masks…. used it to its purposes of suspense and cause of the climax and resolution in the film.

Recommended Definitely .. I reiterate.. Malayalam Film is back on track or so it seems with its new generation band wagon in actors and directors …

And I cannot believe that Prithviraj has a place in my mind as a actor … like Mohanlal, not like Mohanlal of course…but his image of Teja Bhai and Simhasanam has definitely been pushed out to be replaced by his last three-4 films…… Ahaa.. the man has done a good job.. OMG seriously, am I even saying this…


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2 thoughts on “Film Review: Mumbai Police (2013) | Malayalam | Rosshan Andrrews | Prithviraj, Rahman, Jayasurya”

  1. It is worth the watch Roshan, well taken and the 3 men in the lead roles have done really well… the mystery and suspense well kept… even the reactions…


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