Of Comfy Films… Yodha, Jab We Met, Julie & Julia, You’ve Got Mail, Harry Potter … on a Holiday

Cover of "Julie & Julia"
Cover of Julie & Julia
English: Jagathy Sreekumar മലയാളം: ജഗതി ശ്രീകു...
English: Jagathy Sreekumar മലയാളം: ജഗതി ശ്രീകുമാര്‍ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Godfather (1991 film)
Godfather (1991 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Caveat: Too many asides do spoil the flow of a post, but couldn’t help it today… one it is a holiday, two I just finished watching Yodha yet again, three, I am on the verge of watching another Harry Potter film for the nth time… heights of joblessness or relaxation on a holiday.. take it anyway you want… enjoy the post, feel free to crib.. 🙂

Ways of reading this post: One way of reading the post would be to skip the asides, I’ve colour coded them.. the other most tedious way would be to read it all together

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One of my favourite past times is to watch a film from my comfy list on my hard disk. One of them is of course, Yodhaa 1992 Malayalam film set in Kerala & Nepal starring Mohanlal, Madhu, Jagathy Sreekumar and a little boy, the child artist Siddhartha Lama, scripted by Sasidharan Arattuvazhi and directed by Sangeeth Sivan (that’s Wikipedia information, I’m sure about Sangeeth Sivan’s direction, the other name I’m lazy to check will do in sometime, as of now I believe the Wiki).

I don’t have memories watching this film in a cinema hall back in 1992 during its release, could have couldn’t have, because my parents were steady movie goers.….Aside: there are stories of the family movie tradition going when I was a baby of all 100 days, watching intently the goings  on on-screen, such is the family = exaggeration, but you get the drift, don’t you… like the other crystal clear movie going memories I have of other films with my parents and the brother. One such memory is of Kakkothikkavile Appoppan Thaadikal.….Aside: Strange again, I always thought the title of the film was a singular Thaady, as opposed to the plural Thaadikal 🙂 (Again, Wikipedia information) ….

There is no why to why I like Yodha. One of the answers I can give you is I don’t mind watching it any number of times, over and over again, with the knowledge of every line in my head, the sequence, the scenes all of it in a little box up there stored in some corner of my memory box in the head. I can just keep it on in a player and do something else, and still conjure up the scenes and what happens next … That seems to be the definition of comfy films.…Aside… when Priyadarshan, the director adapted Siddique-Lal‘s 1991 Malalayalam film Godfather into Hindi as Hulchul in 2004, this was the same goings on in my head. The adaptation was a literal translation of lines and scenes from the Malayalam version set in a  different landscape and language; the scenes towards the resolution were filmed with a lot more Bollywood Masala than the Malayalam counterpart, but during the entire course of the film in the theatre, Prasads Imax in Hyderabad, I knew as if like a sage-like premonition the next scene, the next line, the next joke. As a result the laughter and the tensions came a notch second or three before it actually happened. That is when I realized that I had seen the Godfather more than some 20 odd times in the past so many years and loved it, the proof it is being a part of the comfy film list on the hard disk :)……..aside within an aside …  the longest aside of this post…

Jab We Met is yet another such film. There was a time when I used to watch Jab We Met every day while I had lunch.. I remember boring many a soul with many lines from the film randomly, boring to them and amusing to me and a couple of us, friends, because we had caught it a number of times before, were over familiar with it and the other poor soul/s never got a chance to see it anytime. Such goes the story of my obsession with films.

Julie & Julia, yes I love the scene where they indulge in that chocolate almond cake everytime I see it. It inspires me to cook… need to read that book, something I will have to ask the Rapoers to pass on… and the list goes, on…

Yodha.. even after writing 4-5 paragraphs above, deviating into asides more often that concentrating on the content proper, I still can’t figure out the why of I love it again and want to watch it again… Let it remain a mystery for it will come back some time…

The Ball in your court time… You tell me, what’s your bunch of favourite films in that comfy list…


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6 thoughts on “Of Comfy Films… Yodha, Jab We Met, Julie & Julia, You’ve Got Mail, Harry Potter … on a Holiday”

  1. Comfy movies – my list is long and wide… including all of yours
    1) HAHK
    2) The Wedding Date
    3) The Holiday
    4) The Proposal
    5) Bommarillu (Telugu)
    6) Anand (Telugu)
    7) Chupke Chupke (1975)
    8) Manichitratazhu
    9) Aaram Thamburan


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