One of the lessons swimming taught me…

I don’t know whether you swim, but if you don’t try it because it’s an experience to be in a space of a pool of just water, so deep that our feet never touches the floor, far away from the walls that our hands don’t reach the railing, all you have is water around, and the only way out of it is to swim your way through and reach the other end patiently, with the presence of mind, your breadth in your control, letting go of yourself completely, believing the water and feel at one with the water around you to enjoy the ride.

Letting go is the most difficult of experiences in life as well, sometimes painful because there are memories, people and things dear to us associated with this letting go. Also, the future is one vast horizon out there and nobody accurately can predict the next minute. At many levels we are scared of the next moment, because it is an unknown world. Hope therefore is what every religion teaches us and asks us to internalize because it is hope that makes us go on and on reducing that fear of tomorrow.

Swimming taught me to let go of myself, my ego, the people around, my life, it taught me to be free and to take charge of myself. It taught me that it is only when I let go and believe in the other, here the water, that I enjoy the activity, otherwise with doubts in our mind, we never ever will swim. Let go of that float, let go of that sinking feeling in your heart; after all, even if you drown the life guards are nearby all geared up to jump in to save you.

The best part of the pool activity other than swimming from end to end and jumping into the water is to float on the back. Place yourself on the water, close your eyes, the ears are already inside the water closed, the peace that consumes us while looking up at the sky, is blissful. Every noise, every light, every thought cut out, we learn to breath normally and we concentrate on keeping the body afloat. That single point focus creates all the difference to coming closer to that elusive peace of mind, concentration, meditation and all variety of terminology the different ‘-isms’ use to attain Shanti…..


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25 thoughts on “One of the lessons swimming taught me…”

  1. Very interesting way how you compared swimming to letting go. I have been swimming all of my life, and never thought about what I learned from swimming. Lessons, swim team, life guard, teaching! You have given me something to think about today! Thanks, Best Regards, Wendy UBC

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    1. Thank you, @E4Ynow 🙂 Shavasana comes in so handy after a stimulating session, and most often in the to rest and let go, I dose off… to woken up by my instructor many a time 🙂 🙂
      Welcome to PNA World
      Cya around … often



  2. Dear Crunch… said like a true person who loves to swim and float, with the ears shut, the sky up above seems all the more beautiful and serene.

    Cya around,


    1. Thanks Madhu… hey tell me something we have met on blogsphere before right,,, on blogspot… are you a different Madhu… if then welcome to this space and keep visiting


  3. Nice article , its inserting to see how we gets inspiration for life from various things like swimming is one ..such …yup swimming shows us how one can deal with life without the fear …to think its doable …and I will do it…like feeling which give us +ve vibes ..which in turn makes us look @ all things positively .

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    1. True and can only nod my head to what you say Vivek. I think life is about finding inspiration from the little things we do or are passionate about as there is a lesson everywhere, if we can catch it that’s the wonderful, if can’t we miss the opportunity to learn.

      Good day to you 🙂


  4. More power to you girl! I learnt swimming solely as a life saving skill having crossed several “weak” bridges with my fingers and toes crossed that they didn’t crash while the car was half way through . Though I’m a good swimmer , I still can’t let go of the fear that grips me when faced with an unknown water body and as for meditation…. That’s a long way still.


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