Film Review: Immanuel (2013) | Malayalam | Lal Jose| Mammooty, Fahad Fazil

In a sentence, you will not feel guilty if you haven’t caught it yet!

The best line from the film: Fahad Fazil to Mammooty: “You are my Hero 🙂 Mammooty replies with a smile and pat on Fahad’s cheeks. This could be the real entering the film. A real life admiration for his hero, Fahad Fazil would have uttered the truth. On the other hand,  Mammooty’s gesture was one of those natural moments, a moment of  paternal affection towards a director’s son, somebody he would have seen in his nappies, running around the sets and now a grown up, brilliant actor.

The film, well it seemed as if the director Lal Jose had a series of shots in mind which were brilliant and artistic in themselves but unconnected in many ways. However when they were set in motion to make the picture they remained the shots and never matured to gel together and run as a whole with the added disadvantage of being soooper slow. It was so slow that I asked my friend, let’s go but that’s when some action popped up on screen promising some refreshed view. But nothing refreshing occurred, and the loose ends in the first half were big clues to how the resolution in the film would come about.

One thing I need to say here is the film shows you how handsome the actor, Mammooty is, even to this day. His character has a makeover in the film from a bearded errand boy/man to a sales executive in an insurance company, and man,the change over after he shaves off his beard and wears new clothes is worth a watch. In addition all the animations on his face when he meets kids in the film are cute. Even the choreographed photo shoot kind of song in all white, pearls falling is a treat to watch.

Otherwise, the film tells you the story of a middle class family headed by Immanuel, who loses his job in a publishing company as it closed down. He then joins an a leading insurance company as a sales executive. The character of the manager is played by Fahad Fazil, a shrewd man who runs the show with an iron fist and demands above average productivity from his team. The corruption and the competition of the corporate world symbolised as new generation and the older variety portrayed by characters like Mammooty who has some human compassion left. Oh yes, Mamootty’s son in the film is cute, but I found his talking too much for his age, that can be left out as exaggeration for the role. The film also stars Nedumuddi Venu (seeing him after a long time in character), Devi Ajit (the woman has slimmed down after Trivandrum Lodge), Ramesh Pisharody and Salim Kumar

Verdict: Watchable! If you don’t want to watch that’s fine as well.

But I watched it again when it came on television andnit did not seem all that bad then. Maybe it is one of hose films that grows in you with repeated watch. (Edited to add)

Observation: There was no need for an actor such as Mammooty to do this role. Also, in most of the films released with super stars these days there is a lot of eulogisation and flattery for the stars themselves in the film. It was there in Run Baby Run for Mohanlal, where I remember a couple of us started counting the number of times Reuters’s Venu was quoted. Same here, with Immanuel.



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