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I pre-ordered the book at Flipkart. Come on, I could not resist the temptation of a new Rowling book, I had to have it, even if it is to decorate my table bookshelf πŸ˜›

I forgot about it, because it was a month or two back πŸ™„ Other books came by, I lived their lives for a while.

Flipkart mailed day before yesterday. I was back on track. They said, the release was postponed by an hour, the date is September 27, 2012 (Of course, I knew the date, already, does that hour bit really matter?). Therefore, they would start shipping only by September 28th morning.

Crestfallen. I almost wished I hadn’t seen that email. 😦

The Scholastic box in which the first American...

The Scholastic box in which the first American edition of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was packaged. Each box held 10 books. This particular box was obtained from Costco following the book’s release. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was some month Β in 2007, I think. I pre-ordered my Deathly Hallows online. We talked about our purchase. It seemed almost everybody in the office had pre-ordered it from the same site online, and we started our wait.

Our morning pick up cab had four of us, 4 enthusiastic Harry Potter fans. We had read all the 6 potter books, caught all the film adaptations until then; we were active on the various groups on Orkut, …those were the orkut days… wrote, read and re-read and re-wrote book 7 in our own ways…

I still am confused, sometimes, because I’ve read so many amateur versions of Book 7; I wonder where did that little detail go, it shouldn’t be the doe, wasn’t it the cat πŸ˜›

The book was released on the D day. Our mail room was empty. Our mail room men were surprised to see an unusual number of us walking past their room, peeping in; we wished them, we asked about their health, we took our breaks with them… and still, Day 1on, no sign of the book.

Others who stood hours in front of the bookstores were already reading and on chapter END. They struggled to keep their secrets from us, about the 19 years after part, about the war, about the deathly hallows… a little tickle was enough to spill the bins πŸ˜›

Ah! the torture…. of having paid the money, and still no product in hand, the consumer in us got wild. We made a note, in case we started our own company πŸ˜›

The mail man called at last. We rushed to the room on the first floor to behold a sight none of us can ever forget in our lives. The little room was never so full of mails, so many books this time. The Indiaplaza people had sent the books with a transparent cover on the spine revealing the book details and its colour combinations. The mail men stacked the books one on top of the other, all spines in one line vertically and horizontally, making a lovely sight.

The Harry Potter fans squeezed into the room. We celebrated that day as Β HP day at office, took our group photo with the book line in the background, and eagerly devoured the last installment. Nobody heard our voices for two days πŸ™‚

Flipkart mailed again yesterday night, the night of 26 September 2012. They said, the book was on its way. It will reach me by 7pm tomorrow, September 27, 2012.


I waited for a phone number starting with 77, from the flipkart courier men.

3:30 pm, Β India Time, he called, walked in with three books for three of us in the hostel, we smiled at each other, the brown casing with red tape indicating pre-order and The Casual Vacancy πŸ™‚

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25 thoughts on “The Casual Vacancy (2012) | J K Rowling |”

    1. The momentum is slow… since there is no review deadline on my head, I can take my time, I hope I finish this one, and it just does not remain like one of those unfinished The White Tigers πŸ˜‰


    1. Harry potters are lovely reads, if you ever read one, read the Prisoner of Azkaban, and the first one of course. I need to stop comparing it with the Potters, others vacancy will remain vacant forever. It is a different genre, but what does an adult novel mean, I’m a little confused… Potters were CL initially and crossed over


    1. She is so synonymous with Potter, the readers cannot think of her as writing anything else. As a fellow blogger pointed out yesterday, Blyton never wrote an adult novel, why did she, Rowling venture out into this area.. may be she needed to be in the Muggle realm this time, or the story couldn’t wait any longer, or that it couldn’t be narrated with Potter as the Protagonist πŸ˜‰


    1. I think I make a comment now to that. I was pretty angry in the beginning, stopped reading, started again and then, slowly went along, meeting everybody one by one at Pagford, finally now I feel interested. Getting into the shoes of Pagford folk needs a little patience. Welcome to Pins N Ashes Tanz.

      Cya around


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