Dosar (2006) Bengali |Rituparno Ghosh | Prosenjit Chatterjee, Konkona Sen,Parambrata Chatterjee| must see

My entry into watching Bengali films started with the love for one lovable cop who accompanied Vidya Bagchi around Kolkotta in the recently released Kahaani. The 3 Blackholes unanimously fell hard for the cop donned by actor Parambrata Chatterjee. Black hole 3 started her search for his films soon after.

 Baishe Srabon came to us by sheer accident, at a party when diners on the table seeing our excitement for PC, the cop suggested this movie. In due course of which we met yet another Bengali actor, Prosenjit Chatterjee. For us blackholes, his role in this movie if remade in Malayalam will be definitely played by Mohanlal 🙂 May be it could be soon to be released Grand Master (2012) 😛

Two movies down, BH3 was on her way to watching so many others, and a combination of Praambrata and Prosenjit again, led her to Dosar

Dosar was screened privately for me at BH3 Talkies today. … beautifully taken in black and white by Rituparno Ghosh, this acclaimed movie released in 2006, narrates the story of a husband (Prosenjit Chatterjee) and wife (Konkona Sen) whose happy lives come to a standstill because of an accident, one involving the husband and his mistress! The mistress dies on the spot… then the story in one of its perspectives is about how  the widower and his Class IV son, and the wife grapple with this information that encroached into their lives.

The husband and wife are the main lead as the poster to the right shows, however, the tid bits of the story also unfold through the lives of  two other couples in extra marital relationships: our crush, the cop appears as a character named Bobby 😀 (The movie reminded me of Rahul Bose‘s Anuranan, a Bengali movie dubbed into Hindi). Our ever so humane contract killer Bob Biswas aka Saswata Chatterjee also stars in a minor role in Dosar…

BH3 has seen a lot more PC movies than any of us today, she can talk extensively on Bengali cinema giving those from the state in the hostel a complex. BH2 and I (BH1) do not have much exposure, but we go to BH3 Talkies and watch the suggested movies, with a bowl of biscuits, customized black coffee and peanuts from the canteen …

#Bengalimovielove to be ….continued….


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11 thoughts on “Dosar (2006) Bengali |Rituparno Ghosh | Prosenjit Chatterjee, Konkona Sen,Parambrata Chatterjee| must see”

    1. Biks,
      like susan said, many of the movies have subtitles…
      The dialect of Bengali used for their films is very close to Hindi… at least that’s what I think,
      for the context, read subtitles,
      for the complete essence, learn Bengali or befriend a Bengali, movie buff…
      Another way out, after 8-10 moives, you will just get a hang of then language, intricacies and the multiple uses, one area we the non-speakers of a language miss out on



  1. Bikram: You can always use subtitles.

    Ashes: I have seen many many Bengali films and the subtlety and cinematography is wonderful. Please do watch all of Ray’s movies when you find the time. Aparna Sen is also good. I should watch the movie Dosar for it has D.O.S.A (r) and Konkona Sen Sharma 🙂

    Joy always,


    1. Sweet heart 🙂 Ray’s films on the list. BTW, have you read his Feluda series. if yes, which translator do you recommend to read. There is a Puffin one available, unsure about translator…

      D O S A, too good. and Konkona Sen Sharma is an awesome actor…



    1. I’m one in the process 🙂 Caught the movie in parts yesterday, did not get a subtitled version, therefore saw it for the feel 🙂 Thank you.. On to Titli now 🙂 tonight,… any more suggestions?


      1. Chokar Bali, Antarmal, Antaheen (a neat one)…I am quite obsessed about bengali movies these days and have been hunting for dosar with subtitles for past few days, thank you for sharing …


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