Fondue at Le Cafe, Chembur | Mumbai

The trigger was a picture of a fondue at Le Cafe on an FB friend’s page. The community pot, the spirit lamp, and stemmed forks with bread the profile pic with a crumb on the stem just out of the cheese pot… it looked blissfully tasty and what followed as they say is history 😛 😛 😛

But history took it’s own course to unwind… I saw the picture a month or two back, and yesterday was the day, when that fondue in the ambiance of Le Cafe at Chembur became a part of me 🙂

Obviously I am excited, I was excited from the moment, we (the blackholes*) spotted the restaurant, walked in through the two glass doors, climbed the stairs, through another glass door and sat on those polished inviting wooden furniture. It was like in a dream… but the menu had no fondue.. disappointment, I browsed through the menu again, there was every other dish, no fondue! looked again, and again and finally on a page found it listed in between others…

About the Le Cafe, loved the food, everything we tasted was delicious and one meal where I felt a dessert had to make its presence as a course, rather than an after thought, after a long time… Gooey Chocolate .. to a chocolate lover, it is always yum, except for that irresistible moment when it is served, right in front of you, I dip my spoon take a slice and into my mouth and my tongue says, ooooooops it’s hot…  ðŸ˜›

Le Cafe, you are getting one customer coming back to you for everything you serve so tastefully …

It’s burrped:)

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21 thoughts on “Fondue at Le Cafe, Chembur | Mumbai”

        1. Getting you and tan together is an easier option than getting Swar here… before swar see this, Varsh, Tan let’s plan something soooooon… and little A, our veggie lover included too .. dare you come without him 🙂


  1. Wow! That pic looks absolutely delectable!! 🙂
    I have never eaten fondue. 😦 😦 Now, all thanks to you, I want to eat it NOW!! I am so so tempted I am drooling all over my keyboard! 🙂
    Now I have to go find where I can get in Bangalore! Sigghhhh!


    1. Wonderful, I got somebody drooling 😛 😛
      Between, WordPress tell me, your is the 100th like here at PNA 🙂 Congo to me and to you Girl 🙂

      And run find a place where you get the fondue, for mini chocolate ones, go to the malls, …

      Disclaimer, you’ll love it if you love cheese, you’ll love it because of the company, and the community so called activity of eating from the same bowl, but that we do all time no.. enjoy, Girl 😉


  2. Mmmh looks delicious. Although I have never had fondue before, I can’t wait to try it out. If I like it I might actually order twice and even a third time to carry some home with me!


    1. Bharat 🙂 🙂 wonderful, Spotted one of those chocolate fountains fondue fountains yesterday and I was pretty excited, as it reminded me of the meal 🙂

      Welcome to PNA
      Pins 🙂


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