Lights n Angles

Saks, I’m following your advice to the T 😛 😛 No duckies and no butts 😛 Too many duckies, bad bad bad !! 😉

Let’s get on with this pic… I feel like I’m following a mini Mons 365 days for the week at least 😉

So, ppl… tell me what’s that something special about this picture you can spot…

All I can tell you, hand on my heart is … it’s different like that Maggi hot and sweet tomato chilly sauce! 😛

Spotted & Shot: PNA 🙂


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pins & ashes

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34 thoughts on “Lights n Angles”

    1. The previous header was part of a tomb, carving on a tomb of a king… women/wives mourning the loss of their king… and mind you there are huge… huge like a house ! 😛 kept in red carpeted dimly lit rooms, I almost freaked out 😉 😉


          1. Wokay…
            here goes, the pic is a mirror reflection 😀 😀 and since nobody guessed, I get to keep the prize and the badge 😛 😛


        1. LOL @ Saks haaa haaa 🙂 🙂 and well trimmed pines too at that… the entire road was line with them, same height, same width… domesticated beauty 😛 😛


  1. the tree looks great but the SEA oh my god ..

    and i read a comment someone is seeing a mermaid or mermen WHERE WHERE i cant see it , i have seen the pic again now …

    wow no i ma jealous imagine sitting on that chair each day having coffee and the view outside …


  2. I thought it was the honeymoon suite too! 😛
    And it’s so serene and nice!
    Oh BTW, happy birthday! 🙂
    Wait, was this a picture you took last year on your bday?!


    1. Haa haa 😛 😛 It was… add the cool breeze, windy nights, the view of the boat.. the waves lashing…
      Thank you Nivi, had a blast on my birthday 🙂
      And nope!!
      Think again, but I’ve given the answer, scroll up or down to sakshi’s comment


  3. What a wonderful pic! And is the chair and table outside? Did your room have a patio? It must be wonderful to sit in the wonderful sea breeze and read! Bliss!


    1. Smiths, no patio, our room overlooked the sea… something like a view of the Arabian sea from the Taj at Marine Drive 🙂 That balcony was my fav place in the entire room 🙂


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