Welcome to Mumbai!

This arrogance is the fall of me, and these last so many days, I was arrogant, arrogant that the traffic was so smooth and flowing…

Early morning is just good… get up, get set and go… the idli seeped in nice coconut chutney from the little tea shop and the little hot cup of chai is a good enough reason to be there at 8.. and all it takes is 15 minutes 🙂 Wow!

Roam around, sit around, chat around, lunch around, discuss around and out of the gate and the bus is just around… sit, read, and when I look up the conductor says laaaaaaaaaaaaast stoooooooop!

Life was wonderful, life was being extra sweet….

And then, …………….two straight hours one evening, the tyres were glued to the tar…. no movement, no flow, no honks, no nothing…. just a vacant feeling, the evening growing darker…. the lights came on… and I sat there and finished three articles before reaching home at 9 …..

no sympathies no nothing…… there was only a a vengeance…. a wide grin, a smirk and the words…. welcome to Mumbai………………………………..


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pins & ashes

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22 thoughts on “Welcome to Mumbai!”

  1. Hyderabad also has too much traffic jams which was not the case few years back.Maybe roads are small,more four wheelers and increase in population.It is always better to use a two wheeler on this roads.


  2. Oh dear 🙂 And people like me complain when we get in traffic for 10 mins 🙂 I think I am going to miss traffic jams in this country, the most, when we get back to India 🙂


  3. Such a beautifully coined word – traffic jam – we become like a jam, all sticky, stuck in traffic….he he he…but I loved ur description of that idly and chutney…. 😛 😛 😀


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