Sights n Sounds on Sundays – Hagia Sophia

Tourist Diary! Take a tram from Eminonu, the stop for the spice market, get down at the station Blue Mosque. Cross the road, and you cannot miss the two monuments,  the Blue Mosque and the Sophia side by side, separated by a park and a fountain. I suggest enter the Blue Mosque first, then the Hagia Sophia and then trek up to the Topkapi Palace, just behind it.

All in the vicinity, 5 minutes apart, once part of the Palace and some say the Great Palace (no information there, I’ll check and let you know the assumptions) I felt one day was not enough to fully explore these three places together with the 3 museums! I skipped visiting the museum that day, but spent another entire day awwing at the tomb collections inside the museum compound. Another post.

For now, presenting the Hagia Sophia

Looks like any mosque type of architecture from the outside, with the 4 minarets and the dome! Don’t be deceived, go in and you’ll find treasures in architecture and art 🙂

Ready for the tour….


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15 thoughts on “Sights n Sounds on Sundays – Hagia Sophia”

    1. Photography is allowed. The mosaics have to be shot without flash in Hagia Sophia … but people don’t care too much …
      there are places with old paintings and works where photography is not allowed in Turkey, and there are guards to see to that that nobody takes pictures too…


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