Sights n Sounds on Sundays :)

Spotted n Shot | Processing n Research: PNA | The Topkapi Palace, relics, Istanbul

One of the easiest way to take a quick tour of Istanbul is 1) take a ferry (a cheaper option) or a tour of the Bosphorus (a more expensive/time consuming option), 2) keep your cameras ready to shoot Β the skyline and the monuments 3) drink some Turkish tea from those exquisite tea cups and 4) sit back and enjoy the breeze, the ducks, the gulls, the light houses and the sun and it’s magic on the waters.

Please do click on the picture to enlarge and read better! Thank you.Β Another Turkish Palace Enjoy your Sunday!


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26 thoughts on “Sights n Sounds on Sundays :)”

  1. Long long ago when I was a kid I have seen a movie Topkapi. I wonder if ther is any connection. It was something about stealing a diamond from a museum. I was probably 8 or 9 then but certain scenes are well etched in memory.


    1. The etched in memory part… fully agree, some things have that effect on you.. I would like to watch this movie. I can remember some of the scenes from the book Moonstone! read that… imagined of course:)


    1. The insides are beautiful too, trees and gardens, and the work on the domes, the tiles, the fountains… the view is beautiful πŸ™‚

      Kubla Khan… I so love Coleridge for writing it so much, fell in love with his pleasure dome the moment I read it the first time

      Hugs Su…


  2. Wow! What a repository of history! The picture is amazing, PNA! I so want to go to Turkey. Have read so much about Turkey, and now your posts are all making me itch to go there.


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