Miss Curls ‘N’ Master Tshirt

I was at this Mall the other day, the Food Court to be precise, waiting for A & B to bring me some food, while I plonked down on an empty table, when I saw these two in front of me.

Two kids, OK they were not kids kids, the boy should be in say class XI or X and the girl I guess would be younger may be in Class VII or VIII (They are kids right, still?!). I can’t read people’s age from their looks or faces, and I’ve never tried, but this afternoon I did exactly that on an empty stomach, and those were my conclusions…

……..the advantages of sitting right in the centre of a whole set of people… and what’s more exciting than observing their antics or gestures, their expressions, their eating habits (some have horrible I say, makes me pukish 😦  😦 ….and if you are thinking that I was ogling at the yummy KFC Buckets, or the hotdogs or the momos… No!! I was not. Because my tray of goodies was on its way 😛 :P….

So this Boy in a blue and white striped T-shirt, a cargo shorts and this girl with thick curly wiry black hair and a pair of yellow hair pins clipped to keep them from flying to her eyes… think she was wearing jeans! I guess…don’t remember that teeny-weeny detail 😛 Her hair pins caught my attention 😀 😀 😀

Remember, we are at food court and neither of them had a tray between them or individually, NO FOOD, and no signs of having finished a meal either 😛 :P… and there was this animated banter…, the t-shirt was explaining something, the curls was engrossed, eye to eye… their legs restless, face on the table, hands to the chin, a slight touch, a stretch, a smile ready to erupt, fiddling with their school bag straps… and totally in their world, that they never caught me staring looking at them….some sighs here and there…

There are days when I feel I judge people I don’t know, harshly. So I waited for AB to take a seat beside me and ask him what he thought about our t-shirt and curls… Until then there was this cute little baby in a blue cartoon pram trying to get hold of that balloon on the table, she tried and tried, but the balloon just went further away with every pat, she had curls too and such an adorable child she was; her elder sister, a little 4 year old in a white frock with strawberry prints helped her l’l sister to get to that balloon, so cute na 😀 :D…

A said they were school kids B said, they could be bunking tuitions and deeply in love-love, teenage love, puppy love, whatever love 😛 😛 Imagine, parents think their kids are in classes and they are here, tucked away in some corner of a mall !!

Are we getting a little older for our age! Bungee jumping. Uma’s phrase 😛 😛  from 10 to 20, kids to teenagers avoiding the tweenage too soon to experience those lovey dovey some things!!

I’ve had friends, school friends who were in love, exchanged Maggi for lunch (they prepared :D), did home works together and walked hand in hand and helped each other in their studies and later on went on to get hitched to each other…

…But these two looked like they were wiling away time, just like that, you know what I mean… nothing serious about what they were doing, Timepass as they say these days!! Still I would say something was cooking ……

I’m scared now, ya to have kids and rear them… I would love my Pinky and Ponky to go to school and be there and not in malls or food stalls, be free to tell me they’ve bunked, like we did at college or school or uni…

……Whenever we planned to bunk class, the first phone call went to our Moms, “MJ we are bunking, boring lectures… we’ll be at Hot Dogs between 11 and 12 and then at the cinemas or the park 😀 😀

And MJ’s standard reply, “well, this is not technically bunking-bunking 😛 😛 😛 “k

Share whatever you have, or how you people handle or plan to handle these…


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33 thoughts on “Miss Curls ‘N’ Master Tshirt”

  1. LOL, Ash…that phrase…you remember !!! 🙂

    Yeah, I agree with what you did – if you bunk class and go to a movie, be brave abt it and tell ur parents and go. Thats what I’ve put into my daughter’s mind, so far. Be bold in accepting your likes and dislikes and tell the parents about it, too.

    These kind of kids are around now, a lot….wherever you go, you get to see such a pair…this puppy love will not last long…hope they understand things…


    1. I’m in love with your phrases Ums 😀 and so apt ones,
      Makes me a complain girl errrr or Am I a Bournvita girl 😛 😛 😀

      That’s exactly what DJ & MJ did, and you know I still feel suffocated in case I keep something from them 😀


  2. Aww! Yes, kids from class 11 and 8 are definitely kids! 🙂
    And I want my kids to be able to tell me everything too, it’s just the right thing!
    And Pinoo, I really like Pinky and Ponky 😀 perfect naming!


    1. Class XI and VIII are kids, thank god 😛 You feel that way too… But do these kids feel it that way 😀 😀 They’ll call us Aunties, DI, 😛 😛

      Can we play inky, pinky ponky ….. 😀 😀


  3. Pinky ponky 😀 😀
    My Pink and My Ponky, they’ll sue me for naming them that 😛 😛 😀

    I would want ’em to be able to tell me and I would want me to be able to handle it correctly!

    I am too young to even think about all this stuff 😛
    Lol 😀 😀


  4. ohh i loved the part of parenst not knowing the kids are “tucked away” in a mall..
    Thank you, Sulagna 🙂

    ohhh i sometimes keep my shades on so i can notice even closely 🙂 and if i have my headphones on toh,,,wow jee!!
    Good idea, will try out next time 😀 😀

    i never had to guts to tell ma that i was bunking, but to quiten the guilt i studied an hour longer at home, thinkign good would do his balance score card well 🙂


  5. I am scared about that too but its way in future.

    I never got into the puppy love phase.
    U bungee jumped too, Same pinch 😀 😀

    I was studious and went to school and stayed there…
    Good girl

    I hope my kid grows up like that :P.
    Sure they will Like their mother 🙂


  6. OMG.. such things actually scare me…
    Me too and a whole lot of us

    meaning cant imagine my girl just bunking school and roaming around in a mall!
    I know, totally

    I want my kids to be able to tell me everything without fear or hesitation…
    I encourage communication and try very hard not look or sound judgmental when she shares stories from school!
    Communication is the key


  7. I think this is for the first time… I am at Pinny’s WP blog….
    this is nice!

    I am sorry I can’t be regular in reading due to some unavoidable busyness in my life…
    all the best!


  8. Me too though I wouldn’t give out all the details, used to spill something out and then in the end the whole episode would come spilling out. I hope my girls tell me everything…praying hard…


  9. You know, it scares me.. I just want to hope that as Poohi grows up, I am able to instill in her the confidence that she can confide in us, and that we will be able to handle it in a mature manner.

    All this happens when the child feels the need to hide from parents/authority figures. If they had the confidence to tell us, I think the urge to revolt/rebel reduces too. So the chance they make really bad decisions reduce as well.. Or aleast that is what i am hoping for – fingers crossed 🙂 Time will tell 🙂


  10. very true .. kids are loosign there innocense too fast .. its all this MTV and love shove… I see kids do stuff which I would never have dreamed of doing.. or if i did it was to make sure my parents dont come to know for i knew no matter how old i grew my dad would SLAP me ..

    Becuase of the nature of my job it makes me shudder sometimes what i see.. the kids get to at school or there breaks and after school.. some FAULT is with parents they are not taking enough time investing into the time of there kids…


  11. I think kids nowadays can terrify the daylights out of any1!!! Scary creatures!

    and yes me too wants me to be the cool tell everything to me mom…but i think i am being too optimistic 😀


  12. Its not so scary as itseems to you now.Once you bring your children in a happy home with right values and discipline with freedom, they nevr go astray..believe me:)


  13. My mother knew my whereabouts almost all the time….when I bunked…when I went to my friend’s place to study…when we went to hang out at the ice-cream parlour….It was better if she knew it from me than from some random Uncle/Aunty who spotted me there! 😛
    Its best to be open with children. Kids mature faster than we think these days. The innocence we had as kids seems like ignorance to them. They’re more informed and more exposed to the outside world than we were. Most of all we need to teach them to be able to decipher the difference between right and wrong.


  14. I agree totally..the kids are outgrowing their age now 😦 Hope they do it in a responsible manner thou! I have bunked classes and gone out with friends n Mr.Pea. But there has never been any secrecy about anything in my life. I never even realized it were a huge issue coz in my family everything has been open n free, easy to confide and handled ever so well 🙂 My parents and mainly grandmother (with whom I lived during my college days) knew every single outing of mine. And everything was so transparent that I never gave it any thought 😀 Guess, I am lucky to have such cool folks! Hope the parents make the kids comfortable enough to be able to confide in them! 🙂


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