Rambling, Ambling, Gambling….

So after reading so many posts from say 17:00 to 21:00 hours I had this burning desire to post something on PNA tonight.
However, since morning I have been sitting in front of MS Word and nothing seems to move my fingers to fly over the letters. And finally after all the posts from the bedroom snooze alarm game to digging old posts and having fun with the sender to remembering old Hindi album songs played on MTV Select and a thoughtful Thursday thought later over a glass of chilled Lemon Tang, I’m sleepless and the result is the above two sentences which summarises my blog hopping for today:)
Now I realise that, that is too long a sentence and would prove extremely difficult to read out loud if one were to, in one breadth…
And to think that I still don’t have anything much to add to that except to say that if I ever adopt, I’ll adopt a baby girl:)
Ok! So here’s the good news, two of my cousins, make it a sister and a SIL, delivered healthy baby girls this month and I’m excited. I’ve always been when somebody was pregnant. And like the mush question in the Hairy Tales post, I would wish it would be a girl…and my other cousin who had only a sister as a sibling would start a riot beside me and argue about the importance of a brother!!!
She: “U want a girl because U already have a brother for company!”
“Do U know the importance of that Male factor!!”
Me (blinks!!) “Really!!”
“Oh! Please!!!” I would say and run off to be a part of some other conversation.
Me wanting a girl cousin or a niece had nothing to do with the gender bias….I love girls, does not mean I hate boys, I love babies, boy and girl, they are so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee………
I’ve never understood her love for boys until today. It could be all for the sake of an argument. Like how she supported Monica Seles when she played against Graf; because I would be sitting at the other end of the sofa and cheering for Steffi:):) Like how she likes to praise SRK because I like Aamir or How she goes on about Bhajji because u know I’m the Kumble fan!
My mind has nothing in it today to write a post… but that does not stop me from writing extremely long comments at other’s post! And remembering fairy tales and my bout of absentmindedness too along the way….
It could be the jackfruit, I think! My neighbour knowing my love for the king of fruits passed on a bowl of it last night. So I had it all… and one more bowl in the morning of the yellow fruit later, I’m stuffed to the larynx…
I’m gonna call it a day, see u guys tomorrow:) Zonked!
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19 thoughts on “Rambling, Ambling, Gambling….”

  1. You know what, if I ever adopt, I will adopt a baby girl too.. And for the same reasons as you – I have always adored baby girls -have nothing against baby boys – just that I love baby girls. One panditji in Jamshedpur blessed me, when I was pregnant 'Ladka hi hoga' and I was like, 'but I want a girl'! – he was stunned. I was probably the only girl who said that 🙂 Finally he amended it to – jo chahiya woh hoga 🙂 Jackfruit!! The last time I had some was last year March and now you make me crave for it!


  2. Me and my bro were forever arguing… Graf-Seles, Complan-Horlicks, Chapatis-Rice, Sridevi-Juhi, Fried veggies n Boiled, the list is endless!I *always* wanted a girl too, and had plans to adopt, but when I was pregnant I started getting confused, then when the scan showed it was a boy, I felt thats what I wanted. Boy or girl, we should just be grateful to have a happy healthy baby. I'm craving for jackfruit thanks to ur post! Have been tempted by the smells everytime I go to the market but I'm so busy with the mangoes this time that I have let jackfruit take the backseat atleast for now


  3. The first two lines of your post made me real jealous, for I have been so over-occupied in the past few days, that hopping all of my favorite blogs and at the same time managing to scribble the countless stories overflowing in my mind has become a very difficult to accomplish task.I just noted that I too wrote a very long sentence just like the one in your post :)Same pinch on that Pinoo 😀 :DAnother same pinch, for me and my hubby too feel, that if someday we will think in terms of adopting a baby, it'll be a girl :)Keep writing buddy, ramblings are real fun to read :)Cheers!!


  4. These rants always turn out to be the best. Becos it talks abt so many things in one post, its gives the reader a broad idea of what all goes on thru your mind. So, actually its good to rant on blog posts. 🙂 Keep it up. :)I love this idea of yours – when you adopt, you'll adopt a girl child. WOW, You get special hugs from me for this noble thot and also for choosing a girl child.Jack fruit – yes, I am gobbling as much as I can – I either buy or visit ppl who have a farm. 😉


  5. I am sorry I read the word Jackfruit and I got lost in the world of jackfruits… its been more than 4 years that I ate one :(Sigh… Going back to read your post without getting lost this time…


  6. Well I don't know why but I too like baby girls and always keep telling anyone who is expecting, its a baby girl 🙂 All babies are cute and somehow I too love a baby girl more 🙂


  7. Boy or girl… I just love babies and am waiting for the day when my little kiddo will join me :)One gets up morning, even before morning chai, sits before a computer (proves he is incurably netaddicted) and opens the first unread things in his reader and finds the mentioning of jackfruit and now grumpling in his stomache… who is to be blamed now??????????????????? 😡


  8. Boy or girl … well I would like a girl because I feel I can handle them better 😉 …. but first I need to be hooked :D…. jack fruit! my favorite too…. raw(curry) or ripe both ways ….


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