This n tha…sweat bby.

Don’t u think it’s when we are certified sick that we wanna show the world how healthy we are. And that’s just what I was up to in the last one week. When they told me to sit down for a week, I was on all fours cleaning the entire floors and walls of the house. And when they asked me to sleep, I sat up till 3 in the morning reading under the night lamp or sneaked to the laptop when everybody was taking bath hee (the fun and pleasure in breaking forbidden orders..ahaa)… and when they asked me not to go out, I obediently obeyed because it was so hot, that I didn’t wanna sweat it out just by walking to the post office or a shop!
It’s so freaking hot and sweaty in Bby… I’m losing count as to the times I’m splashing water on my face or taking bath in a day… Because once the shower goes off, water comes out as sweat from the body… And then I see the pigeons happily hopping from one roof to another in the sun, they sit and patiently preen at noon in the scorching heat, what am I complaining about? Wonder what they would be wondering looking at me.
Vada pav for breakfast and a nice lunch after on a Sunday, I’m getting up to prepare my coffee which will obviously make me sweat as I lap it all up, but that’s ok:)
Enjoy ur Tea Ums, and coffee Sus..and all the drinks you all drink everyone… coffee and tea
Cya tomorrow….
PS: Govind that poem was wow! and UK u know my admiration for you…:) I’ll reply to the comments… hope to back soon… Oh! I didn’t tell you, me off on vacation for the next week and a half, rejuvination haa!

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16 thoughts on “This n tha…sweat bby.”

  1. whoa !! now that's what is life !! having a gala time it seems…and hey did you mention walking to the 'post office' ? I appreciate..even today people go the PO 🙂


  2. What!!??? A vacation again? Thought you had just come back from one and was sick. Some people have it all. Have to tell you many things about the Indibloggers' meet yesterday. Got a free T. Shirt. Am wearing it right now while typing this comment. And Govind's comments in verses. Wow. I admire that as well. I thought I would see him yesterday but did not :(You girl take so many vacations. Plan one for Chennai soon. Then we can meet.Love and hugs,Susan


  3. Ashes,even when you are sicklooks like you can't be static?Wish you a lot of things to clickand to write, an intersting topicEnjoy your vacation and take care of your health.


  4. I want vada pav !!! I want vada pav !!! Its awesome !!! When S visited Mumbai, officially, he packed a doz vada pav, before boarding the flight. And me and girls, ate only vada pav the next day !! Its awesome, I tell you !!!Its becoming sooooo hot !!! Now is the time to go for more cooool drinks, my throat has ordered me !!!! :)You loved defying orders ????? LOL, Ash !!! Take care of your health !!!


  5. Am back after almost two weeks of well deserved and well spend time :)Hope you are feeling better now and did you say you off on a vacation again? 😛 then am sure you are utterly butterly better now :DTake care! have a good time!


  6. I want to write poems like Govind and UK…Do I bribe my muse?? or borrow Urs Govind? CB: Thanks CB, will do, vacations always sounds like fun…:) u too enjoy..:)Swar: Hee me coming to ur city… from one hot n humid place to a hot and dry one… :)) ideas??Rajan Hows the Baby boy… U shd have enjoyed every minuted I bet.. thanks:)Uma Vada pav u too! hee me tooo, will carry a parcel whenever I come to meet u :)) Cool drinks and fresh juicers, me thinks my juicer is overused hee, they groan:)) Sus Mail in girl, I want to know every bi about it…:) Govind didn't turn up, I know the knack of coming out with apt verses that rhyme.. admiration and jealousy and awe…… mmm, I think I shd… I'm heading to ur neighbouring state between 🙂Nu the PO is right in front of my CHS… heee:) Gala time doind things in hiding;) Somebody doses off and the evil me is on my feet :))Good day peeps..


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