It was the first day of university life for my Biochemistry mates in the wing. First day of class and the seniors call them all out for a session at quarter to midnight and we do know don’t we, haa!!!! the 15 of them boys and girls crowded around the Lamp post near the Gops Circle in the specified dress code! The seniors arrived,  called one of the juniors and poured all kinds of curry and curd on him and at the stroke of 12 started singing, with a guitar in tow “Happy birthday to you”, happy birthday to you…” It was that victim’s birthday and I say that was one of the best ice breaking sessions (on the pretext of a ragging encounter though.) A midnight party with  yummy creamy cake, juices n snacks followed all courtesy their seniors…. Wow!! That is called a surprise birthday…..

24th August Shal’s birthday and we were all bugged by now of  the midnight birthday party routine. The surprise element had vanished; birthday kids knew the drill by heart….to be wished, ushered into a dark room in some corner of the hostel or to the open grounds… or a zillion peeps barging into their room, giving u bumps et al. We decided against it and wished her and gave her presents first thing in the morning of her special day……..She knew too well that all of us were too tied up with our departmental work so that the midnight wishing ceremony was a  clean avoid….
Dinner that night was at 7:30 as always and as per routine she opened the door to my room, for the chit chat and in she went and out she jumped with her whole 5 feet 8 inch body :)… The birthday party had begun…with a lot of disaster in line, broken spectacles, watches, vase and of course cake on the floor, the cream mingled with the water and 20 -25 girls screaming and jumping around escaping from the cream in their friends’ hands over the two cots (my poor room). It was a splendid birthday though all the gals had to go wash their shampooed hairs again, and scrub their bodies to let go of the sticky cream, with the oily skinned ones running to the washbasins first to give no chance for those dreaded pimples to come.  They did come back for cleaning up. Girls can be so so violent?!! 

Ums… u reminisced and I followed, Starry u celebrated and me too.. couldn’t help but Repost…Nu, Me too needs to check my head, feeling so lazy, awwwaaaaah! and what do u think I’m upto these last two days, playing games on FB! Addicted, what do I do…Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllp


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15 thoughts on “Musings…”

  1. What a wonderful heart warming post Pinoo :)I am sure you loved sharing these precious moments of your life just as much I enjoyed reading them :DThose heart shaped balloons are sweet :)I know FB games can be real addictive :)Have lots of fun and keep writing.Cheers!!


  2. what a post sweetheart 🙂 Loved reading it till the end Pinoo :)Hehehe..don't fight with as many lines as you guys want to..we would have fun reading them all,I'm sure :)And hey it's okay to be addicted to FB and playing too does that 😉


  3. I know ! these days, birthdays have become violent. Gone are the days when we used to distribute sweets and end the day with a small party. For the last 5 years, I have been getting kicks-left, right, center, top, bottom, and almos everywhere else !! and whattaa surprise !!! 😀 😀 😀


  4. How nice:) Very sweeet post. I remember one b'day when my entire college bus sang aloud for me. Twas so special. Lots of other good memorable ones too. Luckily I have never been subjected to violent and 'cosmetic' treatments ;-p


  5. Oh !!! Ash !!! Loved the whole post so much !!! Am smiling ear to ear, reading abt the surprise bday parties and ice-breaking ceremonies !!!Especially, loved the last part of the post !!! Cho chweet !!!! 🙂 Hugs !!!!Addicted to FB, eh ???? Quite difficult to come out !!! All the very best !!!One small suggestion – can you please remove the code typing for comment – its quite cumbersome for wordpress users like me and many times, my comments dont go thru !!!! 😦 Some days I've pressed "Post Comment" at least a dozen times, to put forward my thots. Or a better idea – why dont you shift to WP ????? You'll love the comment section over there.


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