Food Review : My Haleem Days | Hyderabad

Ramzan has been part of my life
for the past so many years, all these years in Hyderabad. It is inevitable not
to notice the sudden springing up of the make-shift shops on the road side
during the month. Their banners say ‘Haleem.’  
We were at the Uni and Haleem was
a totally new concept for most of us. It was a delicacy we hadn’t tasted or
heard of before (Unlike the Hyderabadi Biriyani,
Haleem is not widely advertised outside the state).
To top it the semester exams
were starting the next day and the Ramzaan season was ending in a week’s time. The
three of us decided to just go and taste it. We were new to the place at that
time and those roads which have become so familiar over the years, were totally
strange back then… we walked to the gate, boarded a bus and got down at the
first set of Haleem shops we could find; went to counter and ordered a plate of
Haleem each. I still remember we had Chicken Haleem; and parcelled for those
studious ones burning the midnight oil in the hostel. My first Haleem…
Traditionally, Haleem is mutton,
but that day we didn’t just feel like experimenting with the red meat, though
the dish made with any kind of meat or vegetable has the same colour but a
different taste. It tasted bland at first. Wasted effort! Riding a bus at 8pm
to the nearby town as we call it, to
catch our last chance of tasting the delicacy of the season, before giving
our exams and packing off for home for a month-long holidays!!! But when mixed well
with the lemon, the ghee and the coriander it is served with, it tasted lovely.
I craved for some bread to munch it down as a sandwich.
We have to acquire a taste for this
dish. Because, it is unlike anything we have tasted before. Many wouldn’t like
it at the first go…. the idea is to taste it over and over again and you will
love it. We didn’t have the best of Haleems that day, but over time we have found
out the best outlets in the city which serves its best Haleems during the
season. If you are in Hyderabad during the next 20 days or so, taste it…. it
is worth a shot
Ramzaan for me is having Haleem
at least once during the month. The more tastier (wrong English, I know…but
for the emphasis) if it from the Pista House. Ramzaan is when Bano’s alarm rings early in the morning for a whole month. It is
when we stop gate-crashing into her room for lunch for she will be offering her prayers.
It is that time of the year when we all wait for Bano to break her fast for the
day to go down to have a cup of hot tea and some nice pakodas at the Dias.
Ramzan has been part of my life
for the past so many years, all these years in Hyderabad not only because of Haleem!!
 For more on Haleem get it at this space
Image Courtesy: The Hindu

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7 thoughts on “Food Review : My Haleem Days | Hyderabad”

  1. i am a big fan of ramadan cusine..esp the mutton preperations…i love the biriyani made around this time…never tried this one though…maybe next time when am doing a transit in Dubai… 😛


  2. Haleem was an integral part of my life during Ramazan for the past 5-6 years and I am missing it so much this year that I feel like going to Hyderabad just for a wkend to grab a plate of it!!


  3. nice post, has everything— food, friends, description about a city, religion mingled in it so well..I tasted my first plate of Haleem about a week back in Kolkata. I liked it. I am, however, waiting for the chance to cook the thing at home, some online recipes look really great.


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