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Imtiaz Ali is no Karan Johar. Although K3G was a long film, it brought together the Industry’s Greats on a single platform—the Bachans, the Roshans, the Kapoors, the Mukherjees and Badshah Khan himself (inevitable in a KJo flick), in one plot. There were loads of ronna-dhonna, but the film did well in India and more so Overseas, a big grosser (though KJO complained and cribbed a little because Dil Chata Hai was the bigger hit of the year) ; who can forget Sooraj Hua…Chand Dalne Laga, Kareena’s red dress hot look n twists,
and Hrithik Roshan, and Kajol!! One good thing about going for LAK (Love Aaj Kal) was that it reminded me of all those older movies which have gone past, still remembered and recollected while watching scenes from the newer ones.

  • I certainly remembered Dil Chahta Hai (my all time fav in terms of songs, storyline, cast and acting) when Meera and Jai met in the garden behind the venue during her wedding (you know when Aakash, Aamir Khan’s character proposed to Preity Zinta’s Shalini in front of 3000 odd people, that scene). DCH was way better, Thanks Akhtar.
  • Farida Jalal! Kudos to you and YashRaj’s DDLJ. Nobody can take your place as Simran’s mother in that movie and you know what, Mr Ali repeated a scene and you were missed. Harleen Kaur’s mother will not come light years close to you in acting that role. You were just perfect.
  • Priyanka Chopra does that step so well (especially the expression) in the song Pheli Baar Mohabat Ki Hain, on her wedding day in the yet to be released Kaminey. As a matter of fact, she would have done more justice to Meera’s role, feels the Husband. Deepika Padukone is tall, lanky and has curves in the wrong places (I feel) because her curves are in the front and the back rather than the sides (Now, did I miss something in fashion after the Size Zero Revolution!)
  • The picturisation of the song Twist is very similar to a song in TaRaRumPum. It could be the Saif factor, the setting, his hairstyle,and clothes and of course the beat too…

Anyways, I have some happy memories of watching LAK because my friends and I got loads of time to talk; three hours or a littel less (I think it was a short movie, therefore it dragged) straight with little interruption from any other human being in person or through that irritating technology in the form of the mobile phone. We talked, ate popcorn, drank cola and munched into our hot spicy samosas occasionally wondering why the scenes were taking so long to end. The movie dragged so much that I lost interest to even sit, listen and enjoy the Ahun Ahun song at the very end.

Imitiaz Ali is no Karan Johar (as of now) who can give back to back hits; maybe LAK is a hit in the production and distribution books as it released in over 1800 theatres and attracted a good number of people on the first weekend. The inital euphoria will not last because you will never feel like going back to it again or even recommend it.

Jab We Met was such a pleasure to watch and re-watch many times, the dialogues were so fresh and innocent.

It’s almost impossible to miss his last film Jab We Met on television these days. The Shahid KapoorKareena Kapoor flick has become a cult movie of sorts and continues to draw repeat audiences on DVD and satellite.Buzz 18

True, as Kareena said in an interview, that the director and she had exhausted all their ideas for the character Geet in his earlier venture. Hope Mr Ali comes back with fresh ideas in his next movie and notches up the pace a few degrees.

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