Somebody said it was good and I went to see a movie. It happens quite often with me. If not somebody we know on a face to face basis, it is some review we depend on. We trust their views and words. Trust is a routine feature, unconscious, no real effort going into it.

Realized many a time that the views of like minded are better, yes they still aren’t the best because interpretations depends on a lot of things, from the food you ate, or the pop corn you are munching on now to the person sitting beside you or the mood swings (very important!!).

To take an experience, I went to watch this movie a few months back, hopeless is the only word I can use to define the work of a lot actors dancing to some tune every now and then, I say…. But bad movies do make it easy to rate the good ones.

I went for one yesterday, exactly, that is what has triggered the post. Good concept, though there was nothing to call it a concept, everyday life in a fast moving society. Exaggeration is a way of expression, you blow up something like a fairy tale for instance, like the qualities of a 4 year old child [like the story about this good boy Albert, in spite of being 4 knew the right remedies for all and sundry in the world around him (an incarnation!!.…) an old book, my Sir had a copy of, he warned me to handle it well, if not the pages would have definitely come into my hands].

Because you, me and a few others live good happy moral sometimes cribbing lives doesn’t mean that the whole world is in tune. Nevertheless, I like to think of it as good. It is to a large extent…. It is all in the mind, again.

I suggest everybody does at least some part of their studies in a university campus, helps one become opinionated. Opinions are crucial whether it happens to you or others. Neutral is never the best foot to be on. But too much sugar in a coffee will always spoil the effect. The right blend (1/2 cup of hot water, a level spoon of coffee powder, 11/2 tsp sugar and 1/2 cup milk…the cup too makes a difference)



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