First Impressions – Personality, Perceptions, preconceived notions and opinions

(disclaimer!!!Well to tell you guys the truth, I seriously have very little or no idea about the above four words, some idea yes, but most of it remains to be explored. )

We as humans, always or most often judge others by different scales, depending on what we consider should be “the thing” in somebody. I admire those who can speak a language giving the notion that they know no other tongue. I like those men who button their shirts neatly, always…. Accordingly we mark our people and pass our opinions on them. These acts now that we are experienced lead to preconceived notions often even before seeing the person face to face. However, it is not always the buttoned up shirts or the spoken ones or the brashness of the behaviour that forms the impression.. there is something that is inexplicable.. that is not tangible that cannot be explained which moves my opinion for instance from the well buttoned shirt to say, well.. mmm.. the vibes are a slightly wrong.. 🙂 Well my side of things, I believe and trust a lot in my first impression and they almost and always turn out to be right for me. It need not be clothes or the way people speak.. I for one come across as very loud to many, and is ticked off on most lists.. so that is not the criteria.. at least for me.. Maybe I should be lucky that I can make a decision – judgement would be an adverse term here, however, should there be happiness about this fact that I can know people I interact with quite often and can be on my guard if I’m dealing with the “dangerous somebody”. But let me tell you, not all the judgments I made were right either. Yes am a human so hardly perfect!!!

Something inside me tells me that what I am attempting to do unknowingly is unfair to the other.

Me being judgmental about something or someone is not really a sin or as heinous an act, it is involuntary like our heartbeat to all of us to think about the person we talk to in a certain way, the manner they deal with us always makes a strong impression and we act henceforth accordingly. It could be at best a defense mechanism to keep me away from harm, for instance.. But there are times when the impression is one and the vibe in another and we go on the impression and not the vibe, when the vibe is more correct than the impression as the impression is from the heart and the vibe from the mind 😛 😛  It is to keep us on our guard ( i told you before too didn’t I answers we give so often from within us itself), not to take everything for granted. ( if the skill is given to us why not utilize it to the fullest!! why waste such a precious talent!)

So let me make sense of what I just said: The personality (yes here comes the personality bit……. well for all we know we might be passing opinions on somebody just seeing the one teeny weeny side of another’s personality. So maybe being introduced to someone who is has blown off the handle, wouldn’t necessarily mean that (s)he is the bad angry old/ young man types at all. Or does it?But perceptions are something, which like the conscience are our signs for a healthy, danger free life. We get vibes from others…positive, negative sometimes neutral at others times mixed even without uttering a single word. Now if the moon can cause tides on earth from so far a distance, why not think about a man to man attraction that attracts and repels like the north and south poles of a magnet. Well come to think of it every theory and law in science could be applied to our emotional life to, though all the theories are based on us the specimens at one or the other time.

It is not about being quiet or sitting in a corner doing our own work or mingling with people with enthusiasm. Vibes and impressions are like touch.. when somebody touches us most of us know what that touch signifies.. well..

But the whole thingy about opinions and first impressions come up seriously when others have judged us wrong, maybe what we aren’t all the time or any time…..

Now the ball is in your court…shoot!!!


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25 thoughts on “First Impressions – Personality, Perceptions, preconceived notions and opinions”

  1. Well …nice topic :)Everyone has their own experience and intuition and judge others on their 1st contact. As you said these perceptions guards us from people.I used to be a complete introvert who wouldn’t interact with new people at all. At those times I used keep away from most of the people due to some aversion that I feel even without interacting. But, whatever people I interatcted turned out to be very good. I have always thought I am good in judging people :). But now, I have changed( a bit ) and I feel the connection with many people around – realised most of them r good people only!Ash, as you said get vibes from others – sometimes I have felt as if i could feel others!!!…. and I think it varies from person to person.btw, it’s an abstract topic and there r no definite answers (un)fortunately.And the pic is good…have fun!


  2. I m all baffled !!. What’s the topic 🙂 ?notions, presumptions, hunch, first impression .. well !Good to see ur first impression lands in the right box more often than not. I frankly dont believe in my perception of ppl cos it takes a lot of time to really know someone and in this closely connected but loosely bound world, by n large we arent attached to many.


  3. Nice post…first impression…yes it matters a lot…I too do get those vibes wen I meet a person for the first time… generally it doesnt go wrong… I keep judging people with their behaviour towards me and generally…perception… i feel is realitypreception is the reason y there are difference and debates…I dun mind if some1 judges me wrong… unless he/she is some1 i care about :-))Cheers


  4. Now I tend to give more credit to people I am meeting for the first few times. Some people (that don’t warm up to you initially) can turn out to be more genuine people than those hi-bye people (who so good with leaving wonderful first impressions).


  5. Ash-That was interesting and thought provoking stuff….for most people, first impressions form a major portion of their liking and acceptance to the person. If those first impressions turn out to be wrong, which happens a lot, then, they end up constantly being judgemental.


  6. The behavior of a person at any given point in time is affected by several variable factors: circumstances, mood, physical or mental frame, past experiences, current troubles, excitement, anxieties… The list can go on and on forever.Hence, I believe that it is not fair to judge anybody by the first impression.One is indeed free to form an opinion about a person, which again depends on ones own frame of reference influenced by the above factors.But judging a person and sentencing him/her as good, bad, ugly, angel, demon, crazy… I believe that it is not fair. Because everybody is a mixture of all those things in various degrees.So whenever I begin being judgemental about someone, I stop and ask myself – Am I qualified to judge this person? The answer is always an emphatic NO.It all depends.


  7. Hi…I’m Roy, just start the journey in the blog-world. New….. so learning the tricks by peeping in others blog without any prior permission (sorry for that!!). Heii, why not take a look to my blog: ( & tell me where I need to improve. Most important, maybe you can also get something new & interesting stuff…..maybe!!Hoping to hear you..Roy


  8. I dont believe in first impressions at all..most of the time(atleast by my experience),the well polished ones seem to have lost their worth..but the seemingly grimy ones have a lot more than catches the eye(hope i made sense!)


  9. This post was my first ‘impression’ of you… and your ‘personality’ seems appealing to me.. but you know, you can’t decide everything by just a sample. We people always tend to do this mistake. You may be even better than my imagination, who knows?? but I, as a normal human being, have this bad habit of having ‘preconceived notions’…Even things like names or fonts are able to influence our minds.. kya hoga is duniya ka!


  10. first impression matters to me.. but then, i do find myself in situation where my persception of someone changed over the time.. and the first impression doesn’t have any impact any longer….even i don’t understand my behavior, the complex me! :Phugsss=am000nie=


  11. I guess, in principle it is wrong to have pre-conceived notions & opinions about someone/something, more if they turn out to be false & evenmore if we fail to keep it to ourselves & spread them aroundBut many a things are wrong yet effective 😀 and can be done at one’s own risk!!!


  12. Hi..Thanks to land on my blog & give so melodious comments..thanks a lot!!You cover a nice point here, the line, “We as humans, always or most often judge others by different scales, depending on what we consider should be “the thing” in somebody” very thoughtful..very!!Though I believe not only first imp. last if the time is very short.if anybody needs a last long imp. he/she has to see every moments as a first impression…F-foreverR-remainsI-in this kindaE-enlightingN-naturalD-DOSTTake care & travel safely…Roy


  13. Hi Ash,Interesting post. :)I guess its natural for us humans to naturally pass judgement on another individual. I believe judgements are important and somewhat natural when it comes to meeting anotha person. But however, i don’t think it should conclude that we are right about the person. Have made some mistakes when it comes to judgements and some listening to other people’s judegment. Thats the worst thing. People expects and see thigns differently. So sometimes our own judgements plays better i feel and feels more accurate when we come in contact with an individual personally. :)And also the thing about vibes, I think that one is a whole lot of help when it comes to indentifying the wolf in sheep clothing. Judgements..hmm. i hate makingit but yet sometimes i can;t resist it. yet i feel sometimes and in certain scenarios or situations its important to make it. So not all judgement are bad i feel. I guess it juz abt the amount of weight it carries. I Hope i catching the drift.Interesting post. Enjoyed it. 🙂


  14. as for me… first impression does matter.. and i do perceive abt the other person based on his initial approach.. but perceptions abt tht person do tend to change based on further meetings.. 🙂


  15. Hi Ash,Yet another thought provoking post (TPP)? … I like it! 🙂 My views come quite close to Queen Bee’s views … I’ve realized that, while quite often u do hit it off with a person after u get good vibes … but, I’ve been proven wrong (by not getting an initial good vibe) an equal number of times … and I’ve had good friendships with them as well … so, I believe one must give people another chance, and not just leave it all to first impressions


  16. Hey ash….first of all..sorry sorry sorry ……:D I hve not been 2 any blogs lately..sorry again….maaf kardo!!!Well even i blv in first impressions..infact it counts alot whenever i meet ppl…my intuition abt ppl hv been infallible 2 an xtent i mus say tho i aint sure yt!!!


  17. First Impressions do have a huge impact on our perceptions and our opinions.But I have long stopped relying on them.I have been wrong several times.I no longer believe in prejudice,bias,and judgement.Howevere I do trust my instinct.And if some thing within me tells me I am right, then no matter what I find it hard to change my belief.Be it about another person, me,event,or a blog even.


  18. Well, i guess its inevitable to form an opinion about someone based on first impressions. Sometimes it’ll turn out right and we’ll be patting our backs. But, sometimes it can go horribly wrong. I try not to judge someone on the basis of language/ dress etc coz i believe its unfair, presumptious and often misleading. I do listen to my instinct however and tune in for positive or negative vibes… but, i also give them the benefit of doubt. And i’m open to revising my opinion as i get to know a person better.


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