Signs !!!!

Signs of maturity …wow!!!

The buffalo which blocked the traffic today on our way near the Secret Lake….had a whiff of white hair on its forehead ….it looked more like a cobra cut as my ex school principal liked to put it ….for the fringes we had cut to be fashionable much to the angst of the school authorities….

Does that white hair if I could call it hair be a sign of old age? I wonder if I then had an encounter with a Grandfather Buffalo this morning that has been living a long life and has many grand children.

Well for all I know it could be the effect of the water in the city that could be turning their hair white.

The hair dye industry in the city of Hyderabad is a very prosperous one. The water makes it mandatory for all the young professionals here to make use of the hair colour. Fashionable without giving it a thought, I guess with the different hair colour other than white, fashionable by a force or a law of nature.

I had a Prof in my university who had white hair, most of it …and she never bothered to paint it yellow orange or blue or green for that matter. She just let it be the way it was…..… was odd to see somebody as young as this lady with an casual attitude to hair colour like that…..she believed in being different I guess…

She is an exception but the rest of the non Hyderabadis are not….they do get nightmares regarding their beautiful which falls, whitens and softens within a matter of minutes and hours of a bath in the city municipal water.

Of course like the saying goes ….a coin has two sides…….
The positives for a change ….

Lack of hair and white hair …..Sign of maturity…20 some mature adults that should be an honor, I guess to be…should be like Steffi felt when she won her junior Wimbledon crown in 1980s.

Less hair means less care…….no unnecessary expenditure sessions at the Beauty parlor…and of course no more such sessions on our hairstyles …

Maybe all of you could add on for the lack of melanin in our body and our flirtings with hard water in our work cities…..

Good day ….


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16 thoughts on “Signs !!!!”

  1. I don’t mind any colour but white always stands out, maybe due to the high contrast. Thus it’s also easy to spot features like texture of hair, tidyness. Won’t like to draw so many pairs of eyes on something so personal.


  2. Hair is very imp to one’s personality and outlook…they way u style it kind of shows ur inner personality.I love doing my hair at the salon…straightening it and showing it off lol! A good and clean head of hair is always a treat and a blessing to a girl…White hair comes early to some ppk due to stress and genes..cant help that can they…well they can choose to color it or just accept the way they r…it’s a very personal choice. Either way it’s not the color of the hair or the hair that defines a person’s character :)Keshi.


  3. hey Puneet “never take it so seriously…Yes girls are a lot more concerned…”I do agree with u ….about the girls but guys are no exception to it ….i have some close friends who do care a lot than me about their hair ….haahhaaaAsh


  4. agree with u totally Keshi ….hair is a lot important to the personality..the difference is seen when takes on a new hair style and even better when one perms or straightens them ….I take care of them too but there are a few unfortunate i guess who ni matter what they do have to bear with grey hair sprouting from all over their scalp Take care girl Ash


  5. The color of one’s hair is just not what I notice until people have decided to screw them up by coloring them artificially! recently i saw someone with turqoise blue color.. DAMN!


  6. Had seen a report on Surabhi. When hair dye companies were surprised on increased volumes of sales in villages, they carried out a study. They found that the villagers were using the dyes to dye the buffaloes 🙂 Black buffaloes sell for more!


  7. hey Neel ,….is it true …i know black sells……ha!ha!ha! …i can’t help it that i am laughing so much …..Take care and have a good weekend ..Ash


  8. Rohit ….my friends were often disappointed when they realised after some time that i never remebered the dresses they wore or the accessesories unless “people have decided to screw them up” turqoise blue …okai that is some choice …there was a friend of my brothter’s in his school who so caught up with the fashion of hair coloring had to try it on himself …But the school being anti–he did it ..he coloured himself some dark purple …which was hardly visible …unless poited out or stared at in the sun light …Ash


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