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Friends are amazing ……….. that’s says it all
Irritation was the only word that would describe me from morning. I warned people not to talk with me as I do have a tendency to go purple and green and so did they. The plates within my brain were beginning to rumble and shake and the trembling would soon be unleashed. This would definitely hamper the bond I share with many here. I nearly threw back a ball playfully thrown at me back with all the fire, fierce and force that was suppressed within me. Still I never knew, never got an answer to my trauma. I was confused as to what had happened to me, or was it from the time I got up in the morning…

The clouds have cleared now that I have had a talk with my best friend from school. It was at the spur of moment. This was the way my soul or whatever is inside pointed at, at getting some relief. The answer is still not in sight. Nevertheless I have a sense of calmness within me that will carry me long enough to stay put till the 16 of December in this city when I leave for my home to come back all rejuvenated and happy in full form to work.

There are moments in our lives when everybody is upset and low as my MJ puts it sometime back in the afternoon. “It is only natural” she said. “Nobody could be always happy jolly and ho! ho! ho! round the clock.” But what matters is how and when we come out of it. There are days when one feels like practicing boxing on the wall like did today, my buddy told me wait till dinner time and your boxing bag would be ready. The frustration at not knowing what was frustrating me was even more frustrating than any other frustration. This was the root cause of all those dark clouds over me today.

Now I am calm. It feels like I have redeemed myself of every darn thing and come back to life to live afresh. I like the optimism that has filled in within me after a span of trickling to bare minimum in the past few hours. I remember the poem “

Birches”, Frost I guess who wrote

It’s when I’m weary of considerations,
And life is too much like a pathless wood
Where your face burns and tickles with the cobwebs
Broken across it, and one eye is weeping
From a twig’s having lashed across it open.
I’d like to get away from earth awhile

And then come back to it and begin over.

No wonder the concept of holidays, vacations and recreation on yearly, monthly and weekly/daily basis.

I feel like those assassins in Dan Brown’s books, the momentary peace that floods them when they are done with their job. Ohm shanti shanti shanti. I love the peace and serenity that has come into me after the tumultuous hours of storm.

Friends are simply amazing to be around with. Friends as in not the hi! and bye! types, but those few true ones who really care about you and want you to be in the best of your moods for ever. Today was one such day when I feel obliged to the power above for those precious people whom I can call mine and me theirs.

Thank you is too formal a salutation which would gain me a slap momentarily or taunts till the end of my existence if I utter those. But from the bottom of my heart I adore you guys, my friends. I hope too that all get such people who will be there for ever….

This reminds of our Greek philosopher Aristotle who put up the ever common one liner “man is a social animal”. Society is created for inter-dependence and not independence. No wonder we depend on others, if not regularly but occasionally to take a step forward. But isn’t this statement a complete blunder on my part as we need somebody or other’s help to take a step from the time we get up with the alarm clock ringing to the night blankets we use for warmth from the electric fan that runs on full speed.


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11 thoughts on “jottings ……..”

  1. You are very good at expressing yourself. Friends like you have are truly diamonds. Not every person is blessed with them.Hang in there. Take a deep breath and hopefully things will always get into perspective for you.Connie


  2. woohoo..nice expression..funny and serious both at the same time with pinch of sarcasm;)liked itwill cm bak laters fr more..rite now in a sleep walking modetcp.s..v nice blog;)


  3. Beautiful post…I dunno where I would be today if not for my friends…I always said blood is not thicker than water, cos sometimes friends have been by my side more than family has…Keshi.


  4. Ash – Brilliant stuff! ” I hope too that all get such people who will be there forever..” Keep praying .. World will one day morph itself into beatiful place .. .. not just a “not-so-bad-place” .. 🙂


  5. keshi …….friends and family the two Fs, make our lives better together… thing i’m sure of is that there would be either of them always with us or sometimes both my two Fs have always been there one way or the other….and those thoughts from ur side on ur blog was reallly marvellous introspection……have a nice day ahead and see ya ….connie and rod ……..thankyou so much for the wishes ……..everything seems to have fallen into perspective now and i feel great ….. i still haven’t found an answer to what triggered everything yesterday…. but i dont care now as there are things which will be revealed in the course of time ….take care ppl and cya a round ……during the day..good morning …..


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