a tribute to blogging

It is interesting how each of us choose a subject to blog on.

Yes, this is part of the uniqueness of mankind and all that blah but still trying to think how everybody has different opinions on the same subject is a subject to ponder on. This god of ours or the power behind creation itself if it is a person, is great. I mean, the world and everything in it including human beings, and the rest of universe..There are look-alikes but given the population of this world itself, isn’t it beyond our imagination for such a permutation and combination?

I am a regular blogger these days who  browses through a lot of blogs. The variety that meets the eye with respect to the thoughts running in every blogger’s mind is awesome to borrow a classmate’s pet phrase.

Just been reading a lot of stuff this morning and I find blogs which deal with topics I never thought of writing before. Forget writing! That kind of thought makes me feel I am not the serious type. But as always, the grass is always greener on the other side and it is just humane of me to remain unsatisfied with what I do and other’s do better.

Leaving this aside…..the blog I think gives each of us a space to work with ourselves. It could be as part of work or a hobby or life, itself; like I have heard MJ saying “reading is a part of my life, it isn’t just another hobby for me.” Blogging in the same vein, it definitely brings out our views on topics and perspectives dear to us and others. Like minded people can meet via writing in the comment section, and interact, bounce their ideas off each other, reply to the same topics as posts…

Now, after nearly two years of blogging, I just can never let this habit go. I think it will stay with me as long as I can write, have a need to express, want to interact..


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