Mera Kuch Samaan … 

My roommate used to hum mera kuch samaan all the time, so one day I made her sing the entire song. We recorded it on the phone and send it across to a few of our friends who loved her singing and this song. 

Today is RD Burman’s birthday. One of his songs, and a melody sung by Asha Bhosle. Lyrics by Gulzar. The film Ijazat, directed by Gulzar too. 

Am I?

My chatter is mostly interspersed with potter phrases and charms, but I don’t even have a bookmark saying potter, nor glasses, nor any connected amulets.. collected to say I’m a crazy potter fan. Am I?

Ive connected and disconnected with people because we have potter sitting right between us… 

I have read all the books and a few of the sub books Rowling has written, watched all the films, re-read, re-watched.. And engaged in infinite potter conversations everywhere i’ve been, there has never been a better conversation starter. 

Now, my doubt is who is a fan? Or who is rather a trueblue fan? 

I guess we all are.. Who have loved and enjoyed, the books, lived in the imagined wizard world away from our muggle upbringing thinking we are witches and wizards. . making up our own charms, spells .. And making little Hogwarts wherever we go.. 

To 20 years of a reading gem! 

Mundhirivallikal Thalirkumbol (2017) 

A recent mohanlal-meena film directed by Jibu Jacob, is the story of standstill lives many married couple move towards when they reach their 15-16 year mark in a marriage. A relevant theme indeed, when couples get into a routine, which is not talked about as such, but the film is a drag… Here, for instance, lal’s character goes to office, comes back, his wife sends all them to office and school, and gets into her work at home ..same is the case with the other husbands and wives. Until the day, Lal and Meena change and begin to bring the spark back into their lives, the change is evident, people question, they are happy.. And then comes another set of problems. 

The film is long drawn … To get to the point! Patronising and very patriarchal … 


And there was a bird. I think it is a magpie robin. It was brownish black and white and not the jet black that usually comes by. hopping through the different branches in the bushes along the roadside. 

Sun’s day: what is thunder 

What is thunder … Is it the sun snoring away on his vacation or him farting because he had some meal, again during his monsoon vacation. Or is it somebody else trying to sing to wake up the sun while the rains have taken over or the brains are trying to muffle the bad singing by pouring non stop, cutting away the sound  … What is..

It has been bellowing from the skies since last night, almost like there is a war up there in the skies…  Like waves of sounds travelling from far away, throwing themselves at the shores of the skies.. Now that brings me to, where are the shores, I’m sure it is somewhere near my window …

Next question: what’s lightening .. 😁😎

I call them butterflies .. 

I call them butterflies. They are smaller in size, they come in solid colours, fully yellow, at times fully white. If i find them in another colour, I can update. They go about fluttering around, sitting on a thorn of a cactus plant or a leaf or a flower. They don’t fly that high.. They usually sit on smaller shrubs.. Little restless butterflies.. Why are butterflies called butterflies.. Do they make butter like honeybees collect honey? What do you call them? 


There is this guava tree* in my yard. Whenever I’m home the day’s activities begin with searching for and plucking the nearly ripe and ripe guavas. I never knew they grew this fast. I would have plucked them yesterday, all of them which looked ripe, and none left except for tiny ones… But then in the morning come there would be many new ones … Strange are the ways of growing up. Little changes. If we notice we may also have changes in us, need to notice more. 

*Guavas are my new muses.. The fruit, the tree, the flavour .. Until another muse walks in, life is guava 😂 

When I finally wrote about a book I read: The Vegetarian 

The Vegetarian came highly recommended but with a warning. And the warnings I must say rang true after the initial pages. Towards the end of the tale, I struggled to finish reading, because I started having dreams, I started to hyperventilate, I was troubled, I echoed the reticence the protagonist inhabited. 

There was an irritation in the tale and that irritation had an osmotic effect on my being as I started to live the tale, and was unable to get back to the book. 

It is a disturbing book. But disturbing thoughts will be the least of all concerns when the tale written so well penetrates and has stayed with me after a certain page these past few days. Now that is more disturbing than the thoughts  I don’t know how much longer they will stay.  (The last time I took breaks between a read and was compelled to read on was the Ice Candy Man.) 

The tale ends but it leaves behind many questions, however the recurring image is that of human dormant volcanoes which on a given day becomes active, there can be a lot of triggers like a dream, an incident on the street, a spark of an idea.. The problem with most of the people these days is many emotions are suppressed and packed tightly somewhere within them … They lay their dormant for a long time, but then one day when they explode .. Well…  the suppressed to the bone secretive emotions from as far away as childhood begin to peep out in sinister and depressing forms. 

I wouldn’t take it up for a re-read anytime soon, but there are a few beautiful sentences in it I’ll go back to often describing the moment verbatim. 

I usually keep away from booker winners because I find them unreadable. Plus I like happy tales like I am a happy person, I don’t like trauma and if at all it is traumatic I’d find a solution and come out of it… These traumatic, sittinf with such existential questions and circling it over and over again, however wonderfully written they are, which is the high point of winning books these days, is not my cup of tea. 

Water Romantics #throwbackthursday

There were 10 topics to choose from to write. I chose ‘water’ because it was raining outside that morning while the exam was on. I could feel sprays from the stray that hit the edge of the wall outside the window… splashing past me in a missed attempt to hit elsewhere. The rain wasn’t the only distraction, there were those questions printed on coloured paper. I sat wondering, who in their sane mind could be serious while writing answers on blue for the multiple choice, yellow for the short answers, and green for the essay! Plus the rain outside, I wrote gladly about water, and was taunted by my two friends who wrote the exam with me! I think I even quoted the nursery rhyme somewhere to elaborate on water, as rain! 🙂 The funnier part of all this is on the first day when Anna (she was to teach lesser known plays of Shakespeare and the culture of food) strode into class. Haughtily she inquired, who among us wrote on the topic of water for the exam when there was so many literary topics to choose from on criticism and social literary history. To our surprise and hers, 3/4 of the class of 18 had chosen water as their topic for the essay, and we were all here in this class, admitted 😀 😀 I don’t know remember whether she shook her head in exasperation, or in mirth.. but she had a bunch of water romantics in her class to deal with for the coming one semester and the next 2 years.

I was giving my entrance exams to get into the University that year, Like every year the exams were held in the middle week of June when Cochin city started to soak itself in the rains and enjoyed its wet days!