#MondayMusings: Rakshabandhan

Now, the kiddo and I have fought all the time, (hard to believe that boy fights now that he has grown up, but oh he does 😂😂) long time ago, back in those school days during one of those inconsolable fights over an nth inconsequential something, a furious MJ instructed us to never talk to each other again.. we sat at two corners facing each other, stunned (MJ can be very stern at times,…)…. that’s when he throws a paperball at me from across the hall, “will talk when Mummy leaves/sleeps” brothers I tell ya. 😊 Ammuse caught the next paper ball message, and started to laugh.. #siblingnostalgia #growingup 

Kartography, Karting in Karachi ;)

#Homefire is set to be released. It is on the long list for the booker this year, the one book that got me into Kamila Shamsie.. all best

Vaayadi Pennu

The title is an invitation, so is the book cover and what more to catch my interest – the blurb said it’s about two friends, their journey from the cradle (not to the grave yet)… but well into their adult years… the story of Raheen (Ra) and Kareem (Cream) and their families: the relationships between fathers and sons, fathers and daughters, between best friends, a group of friends, not-so friends and acquaintance.

The novel is about maps, mapping a city, finding the different streets, the little known or unknown.. remembering a city by the maps we have in our mind from long ago and then make a profession out of if – Cartography with K is all about life in Karachi. I remember a conversation with a blog friend, about how she and her sister residing in different cities now, sometimes, map the streets they grew up in as…

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What iz it to be a feminist, are you?

The moment i open my mouth in some places and say something harsh, they call me a feminist

The moment i stubbornly stick to my decision they call me a feminist

The moment i wear chuncky jewellery and walk in ultra big jhumkas they call me a feminist

If i go with my friends for a late night film, i’m a feminist

If i travel alone for the fun of travelling, i’m a feminist

If i try to concentrate on my career i’m a feminist..

If i make my man cook a meal, i’m a feminist

But nobody calls me a feminist when i choose the general seats instead of those allotted to “ladies” in public transport or public places

Nobody calls me a feminist when i join the mens/general queue to buy tickets at a station or cinema hall

Nobody calls me a feminist when i buy stuff to cook my own food in my own home

Nobody calls me a feminist when I guffaw louder with my girl gangs

Nobody calls me a feminist when i wheel in my own bags..

Nobody calls me a feminist when i laugh at the buffoonery that goes on in the name of feminism

What is to be a feminist?

#mondaymusings :Keeping Mum

O I spoke too soon

The weather, the light streaming from the sky

Woke up to sunlight, typed it to a friend, sent happy smileys her way

But the clouds in queue, impateint they grew.

I spoke to soon!

Sun’s Day Tales..

I wake up to see this little girl, white tee, blue shorts, her hair held back in two pony tails to either side, all of 5-6 on her window sill. She has her legs out towards the grill, dangling, playing with her red and white polka dotted balloon. When I walk towards the window to see her better, across the courtyard there is, a little boy, and another little girl on opposite window sills. Talk of cross communication, across the yard..

Bombay windows have these metal cages protruding outwards. They work as storage spaces but mostly are used to tie cloth lines and dry clothes. They even work as passageways, from one room to the next when they are interlinked – outdoor tunnels 😂 In one of the houses, I used to stay before, I used to step into this grill space and sit down there to read. From 7 floors high, the world below, across and above had a different charm. Nobody would even know I’d be sitting there, with a book, at times looking at the world, waiting for the sun to rise, with a cup of coffee.. Looking at the squirrels do tightwire stunts over electric cables or watch pigeons sleeping.. All those memories flooded in as I saw these imps pow wow today, as I woke up this morning.

As I type, they are out of their sill spots and in the yard, their balloons in hand, trying to make some game out of it. Childhood, there was a game, even in the way we snapped fingers or clapped hands, laughed out loud when the rain drizzled down.. There was even a first shoutout to whoever was completely drenched, or other days, a race to that dry spot first..

Sun’s day Tales..


Some things are precious, could be people, could be thoughts, could be a dialogue, today I need to come to terms with the fact that my phone, my beloved partner of two years is dying.. What do i do, i let it live for a few more hours, it is like a desktop now.. Needs to be wired all the time, even when it connects to the wireless..

Am i heart broken? No, I’ve never been sentimental about anything as such, but it is a matter of habit, a habit of two years.. My entire life so to speak revolved around … Okay, I’m bordering on the dramatic. Is there any way to revive this thing..

Addictive conditioning

For starters, i dont like this new editor from wordpress. Why, because it does not suggest, it does not point out mistakes, it does not autocorrect spellings, spacing.. If it was the older editer, that I in the first line would have already been capitalized. Little things like that. We become used to these little gimmicks in the name of convenience.

The writing has gone back to become raw! The thoughts that come out thru the tap of my fingers through the keypad. But I like it this way, than having a piece of technology second guess my words and thoughts, I’ve been one of those who have proclaimed a war against autocorrect elsewhere. 😁

This is also conditioning. This is how it works.. Any kind of it.

How difficult is it to make friends?

How difficult is it to make friends?


Friends like they often quote in proverbs don’t fall out of the sky .. Or walk into our lives while we are standing lonely as a cloud somewhere in the middle of a road, stranded.. Friends may not, strangers may, and many times, these strangers begin to become the people of our lives.. Are they friends..? It is a niggling doubt.

Ive always had people around me, wherever I’ve been.. To go out for tea at 3 in the morning, or to cajole somebody to watch that stupid film in a theatre, or share my breakfast with at the mess table.. I’ve never been devoid of people in my life. But will all of them stand by me thru thick and thin.. I’m not sure. Those kind of friends I feel are one of book legends…and one need not always expect too that somebody will.. Because circumstances change, and they make people change, which brings changes to what being friends are..

But, that guatantee that you’ll be there, stays.. Forge such bonds… Now that I think is what these proverbs mean.

#MondayMusings: Day 1 (whisper tales)

More than any day, today I’d like it to be off. Crampy all over, I’d love to be in bed sleeping, the rains and the chill it brings along does nothing to reduce the cramps or/and that irritating ache all thru the middle of my body since this morning. Many of my girls and I have had this conversation before. We know, since we all go thru these crampy feelings… they are like waves, you see, for a few of us, it is nauseaous, giddy, rolling in pain, for the rest, it seems like a mild headache. The point is, it varies.. We all have an understanding. When she says, it will start soon, it pretty much means get a hot water bag ready, and the bed cosy! But then we’ve also discussed how many of us can’t go and tell our bosses or people we report to about these monthly crampiness. The hospital does not even give a certificate for this breaking down of blood vessels we face, it is a bodyily function recurring every month until a ripe old age for every other woman. Even a common cold fetches a medical certificate.. Things change now with this idea of a period leave. Will it? I hope so. 

I’m ravenously hungry and sleepy in the days that lead to my cycle. Over this weekend when I called my brother and told him, I’m very hungry, he had a kettle boiling on the stove and a meal of some of my comfort food ready. We have grown up together, he knows how I feel during those days, so does the rest of my small family, and a few of my close friends. But then I’ve friends who have been extremely secretive about their cycle, esp to the men in their lives until… With this period leave, it is a secret that opens to the world. “We could even predict ovulation” like a friend and I joked the other day. Now what.. I wonder how many women born and brought in this secretive set up would actually come forth and take up a leave on the day 1. Days which they have been told are taboo, days which restrict them to enter and exit places & rooms, touch and not touch things, not even offer prayers because they have been deemed impure.. Is it a good, is it a revolution .. It may be. Will it open mind and mindsets.. Hope so, too. 

Pyaar hua ikrar hua hai..

I no longer am a rain lover is what I thought, until I get drenched again and make more rain memories.. 


What do I do when it rains, and I also happen to have a phone with me, of course i take pictures.. 

Though the condom ad hijacked this song, raj kapoor and nargis under the umbrella is black & white still lives on, this time, live, in colour in the rain… 

Going on walks in the rain, and sitting in a busstop because I didn’t take an umbrella ..has it’s advantages.. 

The song for people who want to listen to it again! http://youtu.be/oXLzfldeDcM