Remember me

Though I have to say goodbye
Remember me
Don’t let it make you cry
For ever if I’m far away
I hold you in my heart
I sing a secret song to you
Each night we are apart
Remember me
Though I have to travel far
Remember me
Each time you hear a sad guitar
Know that Iโ€™m with you
The only way that I can be
Until youโ€™re in my arms again
Remember me

Thats the song from Coco (2017)



I prefer to shop, and visit museums alone, without the company of anyone else because I don’t want to be hurried. Otherwise, it should be with somebody who is as interested and invested in these activities as I am.. which is rare. Plus I don’t want to feel guilty for making people wait! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I take a really long time especially at museums, go thru all the specimen displayed, read whatever has to be read, listen to all the rumours and gossips about the objects.. however, my time for shopping varies, I can be as quick as 15 minutes, or take half a day ..


โ€œ… Nostalgia is a romantic way of remembering the past, but I belong to the generation that also likes everything that is new. I am happy about the new buildings, the Metro, my Starbucks and my apps. I have a very good memory of my old life…โ€ Sachin Kundalkar in an interview about his latest Marathi film, Gulab jaam.

Kundalkar may love his Starbucks, I don’t. I’m not a fan of McD either. But I do love the high rises, the instant messaging, the online friends, the conversations, and the works, the technology plus I’m in love with my nostalgia..

.. the balance is what I’m trying to get at, which I couldn’t explain to more than a few of my peers before when they used to feel homesick and rave about food and weather at home, I used to be irritated back then about their rants! …while I was always at home wherever I was. Like that character in the Australian play, “Stolen” I carry my home with me wherever I go..

Not that I did not miss home, home is always the place I’m very comfortable in .. but what’s the point talking about it, and wishing it were here all the time? If I was missing home that much, I should be living in my own city rather than roaming around..


Right ..

Your turn ..

PS: the first time I found Kundalkar was through his novel, Cobalt Blue, in translation, of course, which a friend of mine was insistent most of his friends read. it turned out to be one heck of a read!


I found Clive Cussler & Dirk Pitt in a Reader’s Digest collection. They used to bring it out like that, 4-5 novels, shortened- abridged (I don’t know the word for that shortening process).

It was the Trojan Odyssey. After reading it, I had to go find the whole book, so I checked my school library first, and then my lending library, found many more Cussler books with Dirk Pitt adventures. Steadily Pitt became one of my fav characters to go back to, and read about. Gradually, I started buying the novels and expanding my collection of books.

Any fav characters and book series? We can compile a list ..


A successful 5 days of little or less daily social media, more offline time, reading at least one post of everyone who has liked and/or commented on mine, not taking photos at all ..

What a life.. โ˜บ๏ธ

How have these 5 days been for you .. anything new/renewed/sustained you did ..


It so happens the book I’m re-reading now was bought for somebody else. It has remained with me since he wasn’t available to collect it when I wanted to send it over. This is the second time with same title and same person. I misplaced the book the first time I bought it, it was a third fourth hand copy…. but this one is brand new..

Now I have two copies of the title, different editions though, and may also have a third hiding somewhere in my shelves.

But the current mood is … I don’t feel like sending it over… ๐Ÿ˜‚

Happens? Anything similar happened to you ..


How did I realise it was Valentine’s day yesterday ..

  1. Police stood guard outside the cafes decorated with heart shaped deck and balloons
  2. Many many many wearing bright red clothes
  3. Couples in red (again) riding those brightly lit horse driven open silver carriages
  4. The balloonman outside the gate had only heart shaped balloons
  5. Unusually crowded lakeside, too many selfies taken at every part of the road

Which brings me to the question what is love.. we have all grown up with an idea of love, being loved, loving somebody, in love, out of love …

What’s your take on love.. is love also trust?


This time for Lent I decided to take out social media from my daily life. No WhatsApp, no Facebook, no Instagram for 50 days, plus no clicking pictures of, food or otherwise .. and read at least 3 different books a week.

Already uninstalling WhatsApp gives me a sense of liberation .. :-D, that urge to not click food or anything that catches my eye is temptation.. but what’s Lent without a few temptations?

Lent is for 40 days. But in the parts I live in, we start it 2 days prior to Ash Wednesday, count all the Sundays till Easter.



What temptations are you willing to take away, for a day, at least..?


Whom do you fight with the most.. I do with my mom! For some reason I want her to be perfect like she wants me to be .. and I pick up a fight! I don’t know if that is the reason.. but I find it easier to pick up fights with her, for she knows me the best .. … And after we have had our clash of words & silences at each other, I need to go back and talk to her like before the fight normal talk .. our fights are quite fierce at times! I think if it was anybody else.. they’d have left me and gone! But mothers and daughters are a different breed together ..



I love celebrations, but, that said, I like to keep my birthday a very private affair within my innermost circle, .. this in the picture is the first of the many cakes cut that week with my folks …

How do you celebrate your birthday ..