Samurai Jack ends! 

Samurai Jack ends. I felt it ended too soon. The two episodes before the finale could have been put to more use that dishing out mush! But the series comes a full circle, Jack travels back to his own time, and hopefully will live happily for more than a few years… 

Edmund Dantes 😍

Ever since I met Edmund Dantes in school, I’ve liked him a lot. I think it was in class 3 or 4 when the school librarian handed over an abridged The Count of Monte Cristo to me. I enjoyed every bit of the book especially the part where he tunnelled through with the Abbé Faria to escape the Chateau d’lf  off the Marseille’s Bay, learned new languages and history, and that part of the treasure hidden on a island. I read the original sometime in high school, and it remains one of my favourite books till date. So, when I accidently pick up a book by Archer, and come across a plot where the protagonist Danny is falsely accused in a homicide and sentenced to life imprisonment where he shares a cell with Nick who looks very similar to him… Bingo… I look for Dantes! And good of Archer to mention Dantes in the text as a way of acknowledgement. 

Re-reading my fav parts from Monte Cristo. 

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Unstable …

The excitement lies in the instability! 

A Biscuit Porridge!

One of the best snacky edibles in life .. Biscuit porridge. 


I’m still in the moon mood from last night! I wish the sun hadn’t risen this morning, so that the moon could have stayed a little longer… Cradled like a baby among the clouds, she was visible from the leafy cracks of the tall trees. 



#wednesdaywisdom …. The stories the stars can weave … .. 

The Moon tonight! 

It is almost a half yellowish moon tonight, rising among the clouds in the sky. She greeted me as I walked in through the gates! Mersmerized, I stood still gazing at her, until the watchman called to ask, if there was any problem. When he came closer I pointed to the moon rising amidst the trees. He walked me to my building, both of us looking at the moon…. I’m sure he’s going to take his chair and place it there, from where he can see the moon tonight. What a sight … 

Sweet dreams! 

The Sun sets ..



On Sun’s Day


Happy Mother’s Day, MJ

The first thought that comes to mind when I think of my mother are the innumerable fights we have had. We fight like crazy, the crazier the discussions the crazier the fights, at the end of which we agree to disagree on many things, and then cheers it out with coffee and her favourite merci bars.

To me fights bring out the essence of a relationship with a person. A good fight, and then to turn back immediately, sit and talk like always, without as little a hangover of what happened… those kinds of bonds are very rare. I can freely fight with her, be grumpy and ask for a cup of coffee and a hug, the next minute

MJ and I have differences in opinion on many matters, starting from characters in books, to politics, to lifestyle and behaviour & people. But there are equally or more similarities we share between us. But at the end of the day, she gives me the space to truly talk it out, if possible fight it out, to argue and discuss, and I can indulge in these ideas because I don’t have the fear of losing her or being judged by her…  I remain her daughter and her best friend and she remains my mother and best friend, irrespective of whatever transpires between us..

I guess, that sums up my bond with my mother .. Happy Mother’s Day, MJ.