#30flowers – 1 golden dewdrop

I’m borrowing the concept from another who does similar work with trees. If you want to join me in documenting flowers this month in September, add your post links to the comments to the daily posts, tag #30flowers. I’ll try to post daily, and also come see the flowers you’ve clicked.

The idea is to figure out names of flowers around me, rather than calling it I think it is an orchid, or that red smallish flower with a yellow stigma.. or small pink flowers with needle leaves … 🙂😉

I hope I find 30 flowers .. 😉

#1 Golden DewDrop 👇 (September 3, 2018)






One set of flowers, different angles! If anybody knows the name pass on. I think it is a variety of orchid .. the app I refer to seems to be unsure …

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When the girl gang saw a hill in the neighborhood they were visiting and decided to climb the wild greens they found beauties like these perched on leaves.




One of the easiest of meals! #breadandeggs!

#wednesday #hemingway

a friend’s creation, and her picture .. However, what came to my mind after “oh such cute shoes” is #hemingway, his bet and his 6 word story.

Tell me what comes to your mind ..


I’ don’t write a whole lot of personal stuff here, but today I need to vent, please feel free to leave!

I feel awful that I broke up with a friend, someone who is very dear to me, one of those people I call a best friend. We are absolute chums! But then there are times when we need to give each other space so that we don’t interfere with our most private of lives! I can never keep my mouth shut if I know my people are going to nose dive into trouble! I try to fish them out, how many times do I keep at it, when they themselves arent bothered about their well being. I’m tired fighting & being labelled the enemy! However, it is time I need to take two-three, 100 may be steps back, let them go for it and be there when they return, if they return! I could be wrong, they could be right! You see there lies the conflict! That’s why I’ve decided to stay away! Or it could be my way of not getting hurt, protecting me! In this case I don’t want to be proved right at all. I hope they win it.. and show me how wrong I am… that’s that then. It will take time to get over friends who have become habits in our lives!



sometimes, friends do get tired and need some saving from this cyclic circus! So they leave.


The first time I read it as cemetery! Cold Stone Cemetery sounded absolutely in place but why would they have a shop in the centre of town! I reread it immediately to see it was creamery!! 🤣 I ordered a strawberry and chocolate, two of my fav flavours, yummyyumyummyyummy!

#bloodmoon #lunareclipse2018

Woke up MJ to watch the moon when it turned red and mars that gave her company throughout! Looks like they are best friends of each other!

On a cloudy night in India, taken on phone camera!

Friday fun

i love my ice cream a mix of strawberry and chocolate


The woman in the window has kept me engrossed for this weekend. I’m following Ann Fox through her house – what she does, what she sees, what she hears..